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  • dislexicboy commented on Factory HARD:

    It ain't hard I beat it
  • Winfrid9 commented on hoverboard (fixed):

    @TechZ: thanks! Sorry I was gone so long I got a my first laptop EVER
  • 111 commented on Hydroplane:

    No take off
  • dp1000 commented on TANK(testing):

    Love the graphics and aimed at all robots
  • spaceship1880 commented on imposible factory:

    Did it
  • zardOz commented on Slots Casino Game!:

    @ElementalGenius98: I've been avoiding games where the comp has to make strategic decisions... mostly because they take much longer to complete... I was gonna replace my video poker with an all graphics version, but it works so well it would be a shame, maybe I'll make a 1 player video hold-em game
  • zardOz commented on Slots Casino Game!:

    @ElementalGenius98: yeah sorry, I didn't spend much time making the symbols at the spots not on the center line, anything not on the center line is random... I do plan on improving that
  • ElementalGenius98 commented on Slots Casino Game!:

    @zardOz: what the.... ive got 4 sevens @_@ but nothing happend is it a bug or why do sometimes show up two symbols on one slot? :o they onky count if theyre on the black line right? @_@ It makes me weird :D

    But now try to remake texas hold 'em poker :D
  • ElementalGenius98 commented on imposible factory:

    @BUILDBOSS: serveral bugs First disable box mode its to easy then. Second able us to switch layer or think of another way to leave the palace because with no layer switch buttons you cant climb the ladder! :)
  • Herozrine commented on 5.1 not working on PC:

    @Golden: @Golden: Still doesnt work
  • rich11292000 commented on TANK(testing):

    @burning_potato: this phone is worse then nexus 7 but it's hanging at 60 fps. I will check ye ole nexus when I get home.
  • rich11292000 commented on GRAVITY GRENADE:

    Like a mega implosion
  • Ctjet commented on Hydroplane:

    Thrust is unbalanced
  • zardOz commented on Slots Casino Game!:

    @Golden: nope, I making a full casino series for a package... but if you want to know how I did any particular part I'd be happy to explain or post an example
  • Golden commented on Slots Casino Game!:

    Allow derivatives