About Principia

Principia is a sandbox physics puzzle/adventure game centered around this community website. Principia contains over 190 unique objects that can be combined with each other both mechanically and electronically.

Principia provides you with great physics and an advanced digital electronics simulation. When you have created something, you can immediately upload it to this community website to get feedback from other players.

Adventure Mode

In Adventure mode you play as the robot, you can interact with the physics freely and even build using objects as you play. Gather resources by mining, and gather oil by installing Oil Rigs. Use the factory to construct objects that can be used for building your own house or maybe a spacecraft!

Building Contests

Every week we have at least one contest running. Contests challenge you to build something within a topic. Winners receive badges beside their names on this website.

Custom games, scripting support

In Principia you can build your own games, either by using the very advanced electronics system, or by combining the electronics system with Lua scripting.

Sound and visuals

You can use the Synthesizer object to generate your own sounds, and pixel blocks or sprite rendering through Lua to create visuals.


Principia is currently available for Windows, iOS and Android. The Linux version will be released soon.

See the Get Principia page for information on how to get Principia for each platform.

Getting started & Help Resources

Most players are more than willing to help you out, because it can be very difficult to dive into the very complex system of Principia.