Contest: Adventure Boss Fight #2

This contest has ended. Thank you for all your great entries. Please check out the winners and highlighted entries below!

Welcome to the eighth official Principia Building contest!

This week the topic is a continuation of the first Adventure Boss Fight contest. Use your creativity to build a boss that is fun and challenging to fight. The boss can be a vehicle, a stationary contraption, a robot, flying thing, or whatever!

How does the player find the boss? Is there a story, why is he looking to destroy the boss? Use your imagination and be rewarded with the Golden Trophy.

How the boss is killed is completely up to you. It can range from just avoiding him long enough, to drowning him in explosives, or simply touching his weak spot.

Prepare your building fingers! You have until next Thursday (February 27th)! Good luck! The winner receives a golden trophy, the runner-up a silver trophy.


The level must be adventure mode and targeted around the adventure robot. It must be obvious (and preferably rewarding for the player) when the boss dies, but using the Game Manager to finish the game is not required.


See the wiki-page on how to create an adventure mode boss for help:

Make sure you check out the winner of the last Adventure Boss Fight contest: Duke Nukem - Boss Challenge

How to Submit an Entry

After you have uploaded your level, browse to its level page, choose the correct contest and click "Enter level into contest".



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  • EdadoDuran: I almost win :c
  • mightyslick: @TechZ: could also only let trophy winners vote. It seems you guys with the crowns by your name are serious builders
  • TechZ2124: @sdac: I think thats a really really nice idea but a troll can create 100 accounts and vote 100 times so that's a problem. I suggest that only people with at least 3 builds or at least 5 likes in tota in all his builds can vote.
  • mightyslick: Woot woot! I got highlighted. This was a fun build. Love to get a trophy but I will take it.
  • sdac: I think we'll add a voting system for picking winners instead in the future.
  • sdac: We're picking the winners right now. In my opinion this was one of the most successful contests so far and I enjoyed playing many of the entries. Bad news is it was REALLY hard to pick winners! We decided to focus on the adventure robot and how involved he is in each level, and highlight entries that probably would have won if the focus of the contest was a little different.
  • Leis: @pajlada: Thought consumables still beta but rail gun doesn't work on lobber and I think sometime the event listener miscount their life.. like 20% left it count as dead.
  • MrGockel: No no... i have a zoom cam but i thought you must target the adventure robot with your cam
  • pajlada: @MrGockel: You mean you want to zoom out more?
    Enable the "Disable adventure zoom constraints" level property to allow the player to zoom out more.
  • Leis: @MrGockel: Why not add a zoom cam?
  • MrGockel: @sdac: the target cam targets the pacific-rim-robot-body not the adventure robot because its so big... it isnt allowed but... sdaac pleeaaassseee :(
  • MrGockel: Can somebody help me with my pacific rim drop shit?
  • Leis: @zardOz: o.O zardOz, you really expert at signalling
  • testapple: permanent in-game save is coming in 1.5
  • zardOz2: Leis, it is possible to do crude saves with the variable setter/getter but it's tricky for complex builds...
  • Leis: sdac & pajlada: sir, I thk I need a save game or thing..u know, sometime the adventure too long: ( accidentally out or else could be pain!
  • EdadoDuran: I put all my effort on my Entry. I Hope i can get a silver trophy. I really want one :(
  • TechZ2124: I'm in but please sdac and pajlada fix the bug with the interactives objects in adventure mode : it's impossible to move them :/
  • RasmusOlle: Thanks again!
  • RasmusOlle: WHAT?!
    (Angry angry)
  • RasmusOlle: @pajlada: thanks!
  • pajlada: being fixed right now :-)
  • RasmusOlle: I dont see any submit entry
  • Leis: @RasmusOlle: Upload your level then go to the page, then you saw submit entry option.
  • RasmusOlle: How to submit entry?
  • zardOz2: Man cool screenshot;) now I gotta fix Robosuit Gundamn It lost it's balance with one of these updates:.
  • Leis: @sdac: oh I see! The effect you are saying , Ok, start to let my creative part of brain moving!
  • sdac: Well, you know, a ding sound effect or something ;) or a firework, or just a bunch of explosions, something needs to happen when the boss dies so the player gets a feeling of satisfaction
  • Leis: And what mean reward for the players? Hmm
  • sdac: Next Thursday 13:00 GMT, you have 1 week
  • Leis: BTW, dead line?
  • sdac: Great :)
  • Leis: I in ~