Contest: Theme Park

This contest has ended. Thank you for all your great entries. Please check out the winners and highlighted entries below!

Welcome to the 19th official Principia Building Contest!

The topic of the week is to create a theme park with one or several attractions for the player to visit. The number of attractions does not matter, you can build one very well made attraction, or several simpler attractions. Use your imagination to build an impressive theme park, and feel free to define theme park and attraction however you wish.

You have until next Monday (June 30th)! Good luck! The winner receives a Golden Trophy and the runner up gets a Silver Trophy!


The level must be adventure.

No old levels or derivatives.

Tips & Help

Please see the wiki for help and useful tutorials

Wiki: Tutorials Index
Tutorial: Adventure Contraptions, Part 1: Doors and traps
Tutorial: Adventure Contraptions, Part 2

How to Submit an Entry

After you have uploaded your level, browse to its level page, choose the correct contest and click "Enter level into contest".



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  • keeghan: @pajlada: I wish I could help you make contest.
  • TheEnderPT3: @pajlada: ok
  • pajlada: @TheEnderPT: Later today hopefully, we have our hands full at the moment
  • TheEnderPT3: @pajlada: When the next contest will be there?
  • pajlada: @keeghan: It's just a forum. You post a thread, everyone can read it, and people who are registered can reply to the post.
    For us it's a way to keep track of the suggestions you have :)
  • keeghan: @pajlada: how does it work?
  • keeghan: @pajlada: oh thanks you, I'll make it called "Marble fall", because I love marble tricks.:)
  • pajlada: @keeghan: yes you can, create a new thread in the proper subforum:
  • pajlada: @Andr3w246: nope, there's no "last place"
  • Andr3w246: Did I get last place? Because mine is at the bottom.
  • TechZ2124: @sdac: Thanks a lot for the trophy ! I did it during the week end and spent a lot of time on it so I'm very happy to know that you enjoyed it :) And congrats to @TheEnderPT: for his first trophy !
  • keeghan: @sdac: can I give you a idea for the new contest?
  • incrazyboyy: @sdac: posted my idea!
  • sdac: @incrazyboyy: new contest will be up soon, any contest suggestions can be posted on the forums
  • incrazyboyy: @pajlada: I thougt the contests last from monday to monday! so where's the new topic?
  • WXWMC: @TheEnderPT: 2:00a.m.
  • TheEnderPT3: @WXWMC: in germany its now: 20:05
  • WXWMC: @keeghan: kay,different time zones.
  • keeghan: @WXWMC: no it's Monday.
  • WXWMC: hey guys,it's tuesday now
  • TheEnderPT3: Ok
  • pajlada: @TheEnderPT: soon(tm)
  • TheEnderPT3: @pajlada: @sdac: when it will be done?
  • TheEnderPT3: @keeghan: ok, interests everybody...
  • keeghan: I have no entry level because I was bored.
  • TheEnderPT3: @pajlada: ok
  • pajlada: @TheEnderPT: Until the winner has been decided, which has not happened yet. :)
  • TheEnderPT3: @sdac: @pajlada: when the last Entry can enter?
  • Andr3w246: Well... Good contest people! Nice entries!
  • cooldude: @Mart456: me to
  • Andr3w246: @Mart456: Cool! Hope you do good. :-)
  • Mart456: It's my first contest
  • Andr3w246: Hey world! Come check out my level!
  • Technomancer: Good luck all :)
  • Andr3w246: :-) Some good entries in here!
  • WXWMC: @pajlada: please don't forget to do the things I told you,thank you.and good luck to everyone,i uploaded all my entries,and i will be back on next monday,let's see who is the winner!:-)
  • DanielMc: @WXWMC: cool,but will be a lot of lag
  • cooldude: Robo skator!!!!
  • WXWMC: @pajlada: thanks a lot.
  • pajlada: @WXWMC: oh, alright
  • Andr3w246: My rollercoaster kinda stinks...
  • WXWMC: @pajlada: just pretend that part 1and two is in the same world.
  • pajlada: @WXWMC: what do you mean?
  • WXWMC: no principia,no life.
  • WXWMC: @pajlada: ?
  • WXWMC: @pajlada: when you are judging the winner,please help me,my phone may shut down the game itself,so I make it into two parts.this two levels should be together.
  • WXWMC: @DanielMc:after the contest can we make a huge park will be the best park ever.
  • DanielMc: @WXWMC: I or you now
  • pajlada: @WXWMC: way too early to say :)
  • WXWMC: @sdac: @pajlada: who do you think it will be?
  • WXWMC: @imAman: @TechZ: @DanielMc: @Manny: @Andr3w246: @incrazyboyy: @sjoerd1999: guess who will be the winner and the runner-up!:-)
  • imAman: I could never dream about to get one of my levels as the picture at top.
  • WXWMC: keep update,guys.
  • WXWMC: @JOELwindows7:@DanielMc: @Manny: @incrazyboyy: @Andr3w246: hey,guys,check out the minecraft theme park v7.0.this is going to be epic!:O
  • WXWMC: @TechZ: oh my God.this is the end.
  • TechZ2124: @sdac: Oh yes that's right ;)
  • sdac: @TechZ: contest ends on Monday so you have the weekend to build ;) hope to see an entry from you
  • WXWMC: @DanielMc: @Manny: @TechZ: @incrazyboyy: @Joelwindows7:check out my new mc theme park!
  • DanielMc: @WXWMC: your park too i like minecraft.
  • WXWMC: @DanielMc: great park,but I am in your competition,i will catch up.nice!:-P
  • DanielMc: @WXWMC: @TechZ: @sjoerd1999: check my park!
  • WXWMC: @TechZ: the exam is spoiling my park,i have an examination,too,but we have few homework,i can still improve my help me win,won't you?put a like!:-D
  • Manny: @TechZ: I think other people should win than someone else steeling the winner spot 10 times and second 3 times. But you are the master at Principia!
  • TechZ2124: @WXWMC: Don't know, I've started to build something but I have my natinal exams thursday and friday so I probably won't have the time to finish my entry. So good news for you ;)
  • WXWMC: @TechZ:will you take part in the contest?
  • Andr3w246: @incrazyboyy: Who doesn't love Principia!
  • incrazyboyy: This is the best (after space station) idea for a contest ever! I love principia! :)
  • incrazyboyy: @that guy: can't wait for your park! Upload test versions and mention me!
  • Andr3w246: Hopefully my rollercoaster is OK...
  • WXWMC: @sjoerd1999: @ricardito08: @Gordon 3man: @pajlada: @that guy: @DanielMc: @sdac: @Space_rus:hey guys,check out my park.
  • WXWMC: :-D
  • sjoerd19992: Hey, that's my contest idea!! ;) thx for adding it!! ;)
  • ricardito08: @sdac: You have dang really good contest ideas.
  • Gordon 3man: @pajlada: Big thank
  • pajlada: @that guy: Yep
  • pajlada: @Gordon 3man: You need to add the level yourself. Navigate to your level and click "Enter into Theme Park" to enter your level into the contest.
  • Gordon 3man: Please add my level
  • that guy2: Can my theme park be creepy and evil?
  • DanielMc: Check my park.
  • sdac: @Space_rus: sure
  • Andr3w246: Now its good! FIRST ENTRY!
  • Andr3w246: Oh... Adventure...
  • Space_rus: And if to make park consisting of traps it too will be considered as Thematic Park?
  • Space_rus: А по русски
  • Andr3w246: Yay! Made contests!
  • sdac: Good luck everyone!