Contest: Speedrun!

This contest has ended. Thank you for all your great entries. Please check out the winners and highlighted entries below!

Welcome to the 23rd official Principia Building Contest!

The topic of the week is to create a fun, interesting and challenging speedrun level in the adventure mode. A speedrun in this context is a level that is difficult and frustrating, but promotes the player to retry over and over again to get a better score. Use the highscore system by enabling it in Level Properties, so other players can compete for the best score. Use the Timer and Game Manager to modify the player's score.

You have until next Wednesday (September 10th) to submit your entry. Good luck! The winner receives a Golden Trophy and the runner up gets a Silver Trophy!

Tips & Help

When the player dies, send a game over signal to the Game Manager to allow for quick restart of the whole level.

Alternatively, lower the respawn time in level properties to allow quick replaying. Reset the score when the player respawns (Use checkpoints or Event Listener to detect a respawn). This method has the drawback that the objects in the level will not reset when the player respawns. If your level contains only static obstacles (no roaming enemies), this method is the best though.

Please see the wiki for more help and useful tutorials

Wiki: Tutorials Index


The level must be adventure unless you make your own "adventure-like" experience.

No old levels or derivatives.

How to Submit an Entry

After you have uploaded your level, browse to its level page, choose the correct contest and click "Enter level into contest".



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  • Technomancer: @dislexicboy: no
  • dislexicboy: @TechZ: Do you win every contest
  • TechZ2124: Thanks !
  • pajlada: there we go, congratulations to the winners, and a big thanks to all participants :)
  • Technomancer: @rom1k: still fixing the crash/bugs?
  • rom1k: The contest will end in a moment. Sorry for the delay, we have been very busy.
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  • LEGOS R FUN: @pajlada when is the contest going to end?
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  • Alejandro: Yes but I can speak English very well
  • TechZ2124: @Alejandro: Go to your level page and then, just under the level screenshot there must be "Enter Into Speedrun". Simply click on that. Are you Spanish ?
  • Alejandro: Please, can someone tell me how can I upload my level in this contest?
  • Technomancer: @pajlada: Oo i see,thank you :D
  • pajlada: @Technomancer: When you play any of these levels, at the end of the level there should be a "Submit score" button in the bottom of the screen. You need to press that.
  • Technomancer: @pajlada: how can i submit scores onto the community?
  • keeghan: @pajlada: I wish I could help you make contests.
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    That high score thing is awsome great idea
  • TheEnderPT3: Cant Take Part, im in holidays and got only my dammed iPod touch 4g ;(
  • pajlada: @benz15: That's fine, you're not required to enter into any contest. Perhaps a contest that comes later will fit more to your building style :)
  • benz15: That is NOT FUN
  • benz15: No not fun i dont like speedrun
  • benz15: I dont want to enter into this contest
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