Contest: Spaceship

This contest has ended. Thank you for all your great entries. Please check out the winners and highlighted entries below!

Welcome to the 25th official Principia Building Contest!

The topic of the week is to build a spaceship! You are free to design it however you like. It can be simple but cool looking spaceship or it can be a very advanced one with many different features. Maybe it's launched from the ground or already docked at a space station? The spaceship must be able to move, but does not have to be controllable.

You have until Monday (6th October) to submit your entry. The winner receives a Golden Trophy and the runner up gets a Silver Trophy! Good luck!

Tips & Help

Please see the wiki for help and useful tutorials

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Tutorial: Building a hovercraft


No old levels or derivatives.

How to Submit an Entry

After you have uploaded your level, browse to its level page, choose the correct contest and click "Enter level into contest".



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  • wokstation22: @Colossus: your profile and position on this page say you also (deservedly) won - @rom1k: why's their gold badge not showing? They earned it!
  • Colossus: @wokstation: You did great! It was one of the greatest things I've seen from you! @rom1k: Thanks for the Silver trophy! This was a very fun contest, building Halberd was a fun experience!
  • wokstation22: @TechZ: thanks! And to the dev team, too!
  • leoboone: Was disappointed that I didn't get my space shuttle entry done in time:( but feel free to check it out an modify it for fun!
  • TechZ2124: Congratulations @Colossus: and @wokstation: ! Your entries were both very impressive and I'm glad you both received a well deserved trophy ;)
  • rom1k: @Colossus: hard to say without trying the level first. But I doubt it will lag on my PC, publish and we'll see :)
  • Colossus: @rom1k: does lag alter the decision of who wins? My spaceship lags REAL bad because it has a LOT of plastic in it, and it was fine in 1.5 beta.
  • benz15: @The Ohio One: yeah and who is the winner?
  • rom1k: @Alejandro: a rocket in this context is a spaceship, so yes.
  • Alejandro: Can I make a rocket instead of a spaceship?
  • The Ohio One: @benz15: Cool
  • rom1k: @Coolblocks749: The contest ends next monday.
  • Coolblocks749: Who won
  • Wkmz: @Nighthawk: I totally agree with you.
  • benz15: Who say "cool" ?
  • benz15: This contest is not cool
  • benz15: @sjoerd1999: NO NOT COOL
  • wreckthetech: You guys used a picture of my ship! I'm honoredbored and proud lol
  • wokstation22: @Nighthawk: pop it on the forum, rather than pm, coz then ppl can post in support or do an unofficial contest.

    I was an apparatus player too, btw ;)
  • Nighthawk: @wokstation: lol, i sent devs millions if PMs but no listens as always :D
    in apparatus we had machines contest like best functional forklift or strongest vise grip, we created lots of fun and amazing stuff using 15 objects only!
    so i imagined what we could do with similar or more advanced mechanically-based contests with principia, like the transformer, it would be awesome :)
    i don't say we should remove lua off contests, i say lets figure this out, maybe by splitting contest into lua-based and non lua-based. each has it own prize and judgment, this will give both users the same chance, right?
  • wokstation22: @Nighthawk: I do get ya, I was just trying to think of a way *this* contest might be more fun for you. I'm not good at adventures myself, hence not entering any of those yet.
    Stick a pist on the forum suggesting a theme, maybe? I'd enjoy the resulting levels, anyway!
  • Nighthawk: @wokstation: im not talking about this contest specifically, i say in general, if you want to win a contest in Principia you have to be a programmer. there was few of principia contest that normal non-lua user could win at, like transformer contest, it was cool.
  • wokstation22: @Nighthawk: whilst I see what you mean, why not make a steampunky ship with lots of gears, pullies, pushrods, etc?
  • Nighthawk: idk guys, what is wrong with the real building contests? where you have to use the good physical design and real physics laws? not those designing and programming contests. i really enjoyed apparatus challenges more than principia's, because you only had to use plankets and motors, and some of your talent, not had to be a graphic designer or a programmer to win.
  • keeghan: Can I make an adventure spaceship level?
  • keeghan: Good luck everyone!
  • HerokidsRS: I got an idea but not space...>:<
  • HerokidsRS:
  • PeterZ: awesome, i might even post something after a long brake, lol
  • that guy2: Space? SPACE AGAIN??? SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • sjoerd19992: Cool