Contest: Welcome Home, Robot!

This contest has ended. Thank you for all your great entries. Please check out the winners and highlighted entries below!

Welcome to the fourth Official Principia Building Contest!

The topic of the week is to build a house for the adventure robot.

What cool features does his house have? What can be found outside his house, does he live in a peaceful or dangerous place? Does anyone else live nearby? You tell us!

As usual, the winner will receive a gold trophy worth 5 points and the runner-up a silver trophy worth 1 point.

Good luck! You have until Friday, December 13th, 13:00 GMT.


The level type must be adventure!

How to Submit an Entry

After you have uploaded your level, browse to its level page, choose the correct contest and click "Enter level into contest".



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  • TechZ2124: Congrats skyforce and woodnut ! I'm sorry to don't post many things because I was in a work experience last week.I'm working in a giant tutorial in 3 language that explain the 25 most important objects and how to make some basics things like a car. This game is so awesome to be played only by english people !
  • sdac: The next contest will begin on Monday. We have decided that Monday to Monday is a better schedule, giving players extra time to finish their creations over the weekend.
  • z0a8i: Congratz skyforce and woodnut you both deserve first
  • yong: @woodnut: it just a matter of taste dude. Another host in another day will surely pick yours as the winner.
    @skyforce: congratulation bro.. well done.
  • woodnut2: Thank you Alfajim, second best is just the first looser :•D . It's always fun thou .
  • woodnut2: Thanks pajlada , guess they won't just go beside eh ?
  • skyforce: @alfajim But I must admit woodnuts a technical level was more creative. Why not an alliance for a comun project.
  • Alfajim: Congratulations skyforce, a much deserved win for your beautiful creation. Well done to woodnut too, second best again. ;)
  • sardorjon: I wonder whats the next contest
  • skyforce: It is not boring is given a broad theme, which allows the mind to do what he want. Simply a matter of taste. I enjoyed the contest me.
  • Golden: This contest is kinda boring :-/
  • skyforce: Thank you very much, play well at all.
  • pajlada: Congratulations skyforce and woodnut!
    We'll need to do something about the silver crown woodnut, so people can tell you actually have two crowns instead of one :-)
  • sardorjon: Thx __
  • sardorjon: :D =) ♥♡■□●○⊙¤·
  • z0a8i: Sdac i think i started to have great respect for you ,and i just wanted you to know it
  • ___: @sardorjon: It says friday december 13th in the descriptino in bold letters hehe
  • sardorjon: sdac when do you tell whos the winner from the contest? And what time?
  • sardorjon: Sdac: im sorry sdac about that and thx for not banning me from your game. And you know what i dont have google play account, im using my brothers so he doesnt let me put money and buy a game also, my parents do not want me to make a google play account so what do you want me to do? SIT THERE AND DO COMPLEATLY NOOTTTHHHING? I just like this game better than any other games so dont tell me to get another game. OK? And sorry for being a little rude. Thank you
  • sdac: sardarjon: What exactly is your problem? Just buy the damn game already. We've spent 2 years on this game and still work almost every hour of every day to improve it and take care of our beloved player base. Still, you expect to get access to everything for free and spend your time searching for pirated updates. A few bucks is all we ask for and if you don't like the game, don't buy it. You WILL get permanently banned if you keep asking around for how to illegally update the game. To be honest, any other company would have already banned you as soon as they found out you pirated the game.

    Sorry everyone else for the rant.
  • sardorjon: I will never be able to play anyones level because of the update :( . Please guys find a way to upgrade my principia
  • sardorjon: Sorry about that guys i saw the trailer and i was really freaked out and i loved this game and i didnt had money in my account so i just got it free
  • sardorjon: I domt want to get banned from my favorite game
  • sardorjon: :(
  • Apparatus: I think sardorjon should be banned from the community if he doesnt support this wonderfull game that took some hard work to produce. Anyone agree?
  • sardorjon: Guys how do i make my screen bigger? Please tell me
  • sardorjon: Oh man can anyone tell me a way to update my principia pls
  • z0a8i: Holy Crap, Friday The 13th ,this no joke ,isnt it? :p hehe xD
  • sdac: If you can't find the update button on Google Play, it is because you have downloaded the game illegally.
  • Ach-Fender: And how can i update principia???
  • Ach-Fender: How to download levels ?
  • sardorjon: And one mkre thing! Pajalda how to update my principia? I cant see the update button on google play
  • sardorjon: Oh thx so much pajalda. Im the second person who entered. But my creation is nkt that fun :(
  • pajlada: @sardorjon: After you have uploaded the level you want to enter into the contest, browse to the level and choose "Enter level into contest".
  • sardorjon: How to enter the contest i really want to do it
  • sardorjon: Do we only have to build a house?
  • Golden: First entry ;)
  • Golden: Yay
  • sdac: @skyforce: yes, one week
  • skyforce: Yeee good. how many time for this contest, 1 week again ?
  • Golden: You too :)
  • sdac: Good luck everyone!