Contest: Merry Christmas!

This contest has ended. Thank you for all your great entries. Please check out the winners and highlighted entries below!

Welcome to the fifth Official Principia Building Contest!

The topic for this contest is to create a christmas-themed level. There's no restriction on what type of level you can build, as long as it contains some reference to Christmas.

You could create some Christmas-themed pixel art, recreate your favourite Christmas song, or send the adventure robot out on a mission to save Father Christmas!

This contest will span two weeks, meaning you have until Monday, December 30th, 13:00 GMT to submit your entry.


The level must contain some reference to Christmas.

How to Submit an Entry

After you have uploaded your level, browse to its level page, choose the correct contest and click "Enter level into contest".



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  • mbrine: My level is not even higlighted
  • mbrine: ...
  • Golden: What next contest
  • TechZ2124: Thanks all ! But don't think that 2 trophies are enought for me, I will try to get as much as possible ! Happy new year to all the community and thanks again !
  • z0a8i: Congratz techz and tetsu
  • pajlada: Congratulations TechZ and Tetsu! We will put up the next contest tomorrow (tuesday).
  • RasmusOlle: Why not a good tutorial level contest?
  • Golden: Next contest, is it lua script contest?
  • sardorjon: I love it
  • Golden: Yay