Super Flappy Bird! v1.3.1

zardOz2 - Custom level - from Android
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(Crosses fingers on publish)

Take that Flappy Clones!
v1.3: Power-ups:
Blue Star: Reduce pipe width for 6 seconds
Red Star: Reduce Gravity by 1/3 for 6 seconds
(Powers weaken over the 6 seconds until they reach the default)

v1.2: Apparently I wasnt being cruel enough, made the pipe spacing, speed, fall speed and pipe gap closer to the original game. Added +point sound.

v1.1: High score tracking during gameplay and added shadow graphics to the floor between then pipes and the wall...

Choose between normal Flappy Bird and Super Flappy Bird, where you can adjust the settings and find the "feather fall" power-up.

Locked for now since Im gonna improve it some more.

Also I suck at this game!

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  • Chad64: I got 20. Submit this to Google play if you could.
  • hello: @zardOz: maybe colored space?
  • zardOz2: @ElementalGenius98: @hello: the solid colors look much worse than the concrete#3
  • hello: @zardOz: set the background color by using the new colored background
  • ElementalGenius98: @zardOz: please add a lua background :) maybe one with an rgb slider :)
  • tamas122: 59 :)
  • Golden: @zardOz: hmm
  • zardOz2: @Golden: dont quite know how
  • Golden: Make flappy bird 3-D
  • Golden: 31
  • benz15: @Technomancer: cepatan dong
  • Technomancer: @benz15: iya gue cuman mau nanya aje ame si ZardOz
  • benz15: @Technomancer: woy kata nya mau kommen di benz15 cepetan
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: why cant i make a single sprite?
  • anarki20043: @sjoerd1999: You're an animal. 21 Was my best.
  • sjoerd19992: 36!!
  • Darwel14: @zardOz: well, it's ok i'll wait for it ^_^
  • zardOz2: @Darwel14: and thanks:)!
  • zardOz2: @Darwel14: well you dont seem to be doing any coding this is just a big block of code with some prompts. I dont want to unlock it til Im done adding things..
  • Darwel14: @zardOz: cause it's so cool!!!!
  • zardOz2: @Darwel14: why?
  • Darwel14: Allow derivatives plsss
  • zardOz2: @DarkSkaxz: Im not sure what the problem is, I dont have any trouble... are you on PC? Did you pay for the game or just play lite version? We just had a big update so a lot of things are kinda screwy for a few days while they work out some bugs.
  • DarkSkaxz: im new here how to play a game i click play and nothing happens
  • Pusheen The Cat: 12
  • Ronan: 11
  • Ronan: 7 lol
  • Golden: @zardOz: ok
  • zardOz2: @Golden: it's gonna take me a few weeks to sort out new lua stuffs and parts before Im ready to upgrade any old levels without breaking it... Spooky Dungeon first I think.
  • Golden: @zardOz: hey, dont forget about your old level, lua limit is increased
  • incrazyboyy: 21
  • The_Blacksmith_: 24
  • zardOz2: My god so much new, brain melting
  • JOELwindows7: @zardOz: yes thx
  • zardOz2: *time remaining
  • zardOz2: @JOELwindows7: powerups now weaken over time so the cut off isnt so abrupt. Also the size of the star indicates tie remaining.
  • incrazyboyy: @zardOz: aha good to know
  • zardOz2: @incrazyboyy: @ElementalGenius98: it reduces gravity by 1/3 for 6 seconds. It's a Power-down... Ill add a few bonus items tonight.
  • incrazyboyy: yes, what does the star?
  • ElementalGenius98: @zardOz: hey what is the powerup for? :)
  • zardOz2: @benz15: I said soon, you said tomorrow. I dont know
  • benz15: @zardOz: what you mean tomorrow 1.5 is release for andoid?
  • benz15: @zardOz: hmmm i think 1.5 is release tomorrow for android but sorry i dont really know
  • zardOz2: @Sasha from Russia: Yes, 1.5 will be available soon
  • JOELwindows7: On Power-up. Please notice us when the power running out.
  • Sasha from Russia: ZardOz, answer me: Will be 1.5 on Android (or other mobile devices)?
  • Sasha from Russia: Like!
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: okay :D
  • zardOz2: @Technomancer: Ill definitely do something special for the finish line on 2.0, right now it's nothing. Id like to finish before I update to 1.5 so I dont have to change my codes.
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: how about if you add mario in the finish so it would be like "mario jealous of flappy bird and mario attacks"(just some idea)
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: wow i like the"pass trough 1 pipe"power up idea! Its cool
    O and one more idea about the finish
  • zardOz2: @Technomancer: thx! Thats the idea;) other power-ups could be crazy stuff like "pass through 1 pipe" or slow time, bonus points, warp ahead... there is a finish line after 2000 units but I might move it back thats only 200ish pipes.
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: ok :D but this is cool cooler than the real one!
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: hmmm. I wonder does the real flappy bird used lua too?
  • zardOz2: @Technomancer: sorry, thats what the current power-up does... others might be bigger gaps/smaller gaps, pipe width, speed etc.
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: O_o ooooo okay :D
  • zardOz2: @Technomancer: well it reduces your fall speed for 6 seconds, which also makes you jump higher... it's mostly a bad thing, but trying to avoid it is deadly too
  • Golden: 23
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: what is the power ups suppose to do?
  • zardOz2: @Technomancer: nothing major, just trying to get it close to original... gonna add some more power-ups... and power-downs... maybe a cruel moving pipe gap!
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: wow another update!
  • Golden: In here
  • Golden: Is released quickly
  • Golden: Haha commemnt while update
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: hah i know! You should put some background!
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: same here :(
  • zardOz2: @that guy: hmm, you must have had a time out error, restarting should solve it... 1.5 updat will as well when I get it. @Colossus: yeah, i like feedback but it might get annoying.. Ill try some things. @jetd0ughnut: yeah it's not nearly hard enough right now.
  • that guy2: My high score is 4. So... yeah. But the pipes were gray...
  • Colossus: @zardOz: Awesome! I have an idea: use a SFX emitter and set it to "Ding" every time the bird goes through the pipes, that'll add more of the "flappy bird" effect to it :)
  • jetd0ughnut: 138 normal
  • JOELwindows7: @Technomancer: no I'm not yet on Android :(
  • JOELwindows7: @zardOz: wow better handling!
  • zardOz2: @Technomancer: no im on android
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: do you got the principia 1.5? Cause JOELwindows7 and demon666 already get it
  • zardOz2: @Technomancer: glad you like, feel free to give me any ideas you might like to add to "super mode" @puhC69: brutal, gotta die for a better game than this! @incrazyboyy: cool thx, I can tweak it more to get it perfect if you have any other tips
  • puhC69: Oh OK if you ever played the game it was so hard some literally killed his brother because he got a better high score.
  • Technomancer: @zardOz: awesome! This is just like the real one!
  • incrazyboyy: @zardOz: a LOT better now! thx
  • zardOz2: @puhC69: ok thanks... Ill squeeze it together... but my bird can barely go from low to high already, not sure how to do both.
  • puhC69: @zardOz: Its good but the pipes on default are a lot bigger spaces than the original game and it makes it to easy I stopped at 60 because got I bored
  • zardOz2: @incrazyboyy: @JOELwindows7: is this better? I cant tell how fast they have to tap/click on the youtube videos:)
  • JOELwindows7: @zardOz: ok thx
  • Demon666: i wouldnt know the difference lol i never played the origonal
  • zardOz2: @incrazyboyy: @JOELwindows7: ok I watched a video, I see now I was way off... now I know what to fix for 2.0 lol @Demon666: hmm my version might be easier than the original... you may be screwed on this one, then again my best is only 7 on default heh.
  • JOELwindows7: @zardOz: ok good job best tryin'
  • Golden: Aww shoot, i wanted to be on featured but im lazy, well good anyway :(
  • zardOz2: @incrazyboyy: nope, I find it offensive as a game designer... thats why I had to make mine "Super";)
  • incrazyboyy: @zardOz: you have never played flappy bird? o_O
  • zardOz2: @incrazyboyy: hmm, I guess Ill have to watch a video to see the jump height... it's adapted from mznznlt's so it has the same jump strength.
  • incrazyboyy: awesome work, but the bird goes way too high when I tap the screen
  • zardOz2: @puhC69: thanks! Be sure to check back later after I update
  • puhC69: Nice the pipes look awesome I got 13 on default
  • zardOz2: @pradeep kumar: @The Ohio One: best way Ive found is to try to hit the button just as the bird is left of the corner of the lower pipe.
  • The Ohio One: 2
  • pradeep kumar: I need lots of high score is 2 at gap is small in 30+ 9 in the easy mode.
  • TechZ2124: @zardOz: Wow cool ! V2 in Principia 1.5 with phone tiltmeter ? Even harder !
  • zardOz2: @epicperson99369: 90 on default? Or with custom settings?! @TechZ: thanks man, v2 is gonna be even better!
  • TechZ2124: Awesome pipe design ! Did 7 at my first try, looks very nice !
  • epicperson99369: I got 90!!!
  • zardOz2: Im going to change the settings to gap size, speed and pipe width I think... also considering a power-up every 5 pipes or so which reduces your fall speed for 2 pipes, any other requests?
  • Manny: @zardOz: my high score is 11.
  • zardOz2: @Demon666: thats why I added some easy settings, I couldnt even play test it, laf
  • Demon666: im horrible at this game aswell lol cant even get past one pipe
  • zardOz2: @mznznlt: thx! Ill change it to idle... Im trying to decide between a lava floor and a water floor with a flappy shark, hmm.
  • mznznlt: @zardOz: i'll pass on the code, had enough fun doing my own..... not. About the start, it should be idle and nkt moving at all but i was just too lazy to do it, so i made jt the easy way and just disabled the gravity until touch. Nice shadows btw :)
  • zardOz2: @JOELwindows7: oh lol, Ive never actually played flappy bird... I just did it that way since mz hadd it that way... @Alfajim: yeah Thats about my best too lol. @The_Blacksmith_: thx all, enjoy!
  • The_Blacksmith_: 6
  • Alfajim: Very nice! I'm clearly no good at this, my best is 5 . XD
  • JOELwindows7: Duper Awesome!!!
    But bug here, initial ready, the bird just run straight!
  • zardOz2: @sjoerd1999: yep, just black with .25 alpha, but you have to draw them in the right order and thx!
  • sjoerd19992: Awesomeness!!! 20 is my best, are the shadows also sprites??
  • zardOz2: @mznznlt: i'll PM you the code if you want it...

LEVEL ID: 10070