Ball game lua 1.5

Ctjet - Custom level - from Android
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Experimenting with Demon666's set_angle function, and highscores.

Match the colored balls with the colored pits.

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1. Aptem
2. AHX
3. LPplays
4. RobertsonXD
5. joosuntaik
6. nekus
7. De_NN_kA
8. famous5000
9. BloodStorm
10. vit_rom

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  • The prince1: This game pad
  • ricardito08: Yay!!
  • Ctjet: @keeghan: you can :)
  • keeghan: Can*
  • keeghan: @Ctjet: caj you make this harder?
  • Ctjet: @RobertsonXD:
  • Ctjet: @RobertsonXD: alright.
  • RobertsonXD: Do you think you could make a video about it because I don't know how.
  • Ctjet: @RobertsonXD: yes, but there are other ways
  • RobertsonXD: You used Lua for the score system right?
  • Ctjet: @AHX: good job!
  • Ctjet: @AHX: good job!
  • AHX: Хааха im winner! Ёбана
  • Golden: @Ctjet: oh ok
  • Ctjet: @Golden: pajlada can always delete that highscore, plus i kind of doubt he will do it again
  • Golden: @Ctjet: disable high score save, or hacker can get highscore
  • Ctjet: @Golden: why?
  • Golden: But i know, you need to disable save high score
  • Golden: I hope he written down by sdac's death note
  • Golden: @Ctjet: i translated from him, secret, but it is easy
  • that guy2: @Ctjet: then I've two targets.
  • Ctjet: @that guy: maybe ;)
  • that guy2: @Ctjet: are you suggesting you wish to take up his ways?
  • Ctjet: @that guy: iwant to know how he did it XD if he is exploiting a glitch...
  • that guy2: @Ctjet: he's a hacker.
    @marat1000000: your irresponsible actions will result in an unsatisfactory mark on your test results, followed by death.
  • marat1000000: @Ctjet: секрет, но легко )))
  • Ctjet: @marat1000000: how!!!
  • marat1000000: @Aptem: я знаю))))))))
  • Ctjet: @marat1000000: wow
  • Ctjet: @Aptem: holy crap
  • Aptem: 999999 очков,это не возможно 0_0
  • marat1000000: IM BEST
  • Ctjet: @Galvatron66: lol
  • Galvatron66: 202 score (mother of god meme)
  • Ctjet: @ssccsscc: wow good score
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: yay my first feature :)
  • Ctjet: @spyguy31796: never have
  • spyguy31796: Fun little timewaster! Did encounter a small bug where the ball/cube/whatever wouldn't disintegrate when placed into the correct bin thereby halting gameplay, but it only happened once... Around 20-some points
  • Ronan: Dangit golden :D
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: yay
  • pajlada: @Ctjet: nice, and now your scores are showing :)
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: it is rev. 6
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: lol ok
  • pajlada: @Ctjet: try edit, then publishing again. then press play again and see if it works.
    the revision of the level must be increased to 6 when you press play, otherwise something's wrong
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: yeqh
  • pajlada: @Ctjet: did you submit it recently? (after you edit/published)
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: also my high score of 23 isnt showing
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: yeah, i did before you commented
  • pajlada: @zardOz: The force-closing has been fixed and will be in
    I think most levels will leave submitting your score up to the player, instead of automatically submitting it for you.
    However, we could store the last score submitted for the player to the level, and see if the new score would be better or worse, and only actually submit the score if the players score improved.
    So I think for now we can leave it as it is.
  • zardOz2: @pajlada: I got fC both times I played this on restart after score submitted... on a side note maybe the high score system could detectg the current #5 score and only submit if exceeded. On very quick games like this it'ws going to do a lot of submitting.
  • pajlada: @Ctjet: yeah, that was my doing ;-)
    have you pressed edit + publish?
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: they are showing now, i didnt press edit thoug
  • pajlada: @Manny: And you see no option in the level properties dialog?
  • Manny: @pajlada: I have an android tablet.
  • pajlada: @Ctjet: Press Edit on your level, then re-publish the level and try again
  • pajlada: @Manny: Is there no level property for "Allow highscore submissions" in your version of the game?
    If not, what version and platform are you trying on?
  • Manny: @Ctjet: how do you get the leaderboard?
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: it isnt storing scores still
  • pajlada: nvm you've done that already
  • pajlada: @Ctjet: You'll need to enable the "Store score on game over" as well
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: i am a 1.5 noob, even though i got it first XD
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: lol ok
  • Demon666: nice. fell free to play with set_position() and set_angular_velocity() aswell lol
  • pajlada: @Ctjet: Highscores must be enabled in the level properties
  • Ctjet: @pajlada: I am doing submit_score, but it isnt showing up here. What am i doing wrong?
  • Ctjet: @zardOz: ok :)
  • zardOz2: Still some bugs I think
  • Ctjet: @zardOz: didnt work...
  • Ctjet: @zardOz: ok
  • zardOz2: @Ctjet: phone... dying... guh ... try delaying the cam set position a few bits after start
  • Ctjet: @Demon666: i put your set angle to good use
  • Ctjet: @zardOz: i cant get the screenshot to work

LEVEL ID: 10315