Timed Clown Act

Ronan - Adventure level - from Android
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A little mini game.
How do you slow the high score to be shown I check it but it doesn't stay checked and I press the save button.

Please make it better. There, i added a scoreboard... that is better, right?

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Top 10 Players

1. NanoDude05
2. Ronan
3. TeckA lll
4. principiafreak300
5. BloodStorm
6. jaycat3000
7. Schnabelborg


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  • NanoDude05: LEL
  • Ronan: @Demon666: jk
  • Ronan: @Demon666: lol >=)
  • Ronan: @pajlada: =)
  • Demon666: i like it eventho i have no hope of passing 200 lmao
  • pajlada: @Ronan: glad to hear it :)
  • Ronan: @pajlada: Principia is the best game i have ever played! :)
  • Ronan: @pajlada: lol
  • pajlada: @Ronan: like 15-20 minutes. can't really remember :-)
  • Ronan: @pajlada: How long did you go afk!?
  • Manny: @pajlada: so I was 10 total? Now I am second.
  • pajlada: @Manny: You see top 5 + yourself
  • Manny: @pajlada: why am I 10? I thought it goes to 5.
  • FirePhenixFire: Awsome they have a new score thing
  • dislexicboy: Yes it is better how did you get it to stick
  • Ronan: @dislexicboy:

LEVEL ID: 10334