Dyson Vacuum.....of Doom! 1.1

Demon666 - Adventure level - from Windows
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just like the normal dyson vacuum only far more lethal :]

update 1.1:
- fixed the aimng problems with the cannon
- increased fireing speed
- laser targeting
- made the cannon rapid fire
- decreased the change of the trashbag bag getting clogged
- increased the size of the trash bag a little
- add some sound effects
- added A(left) D(right) hoykeys for pc
- increased the speed(ALOT)
- increased the stability
- restruct the vacuum to small objects(to decrease the change of clogging)

Slider: speed and direction(or A/D for pc)
Joystick: aim the garbage cannon
F button: Fire
G: exit the vacuum

Views: 9550 Downloads: 3824 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 179

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  • benz15: @Demon666: yeah i like it :D
  • ElementalGenius98: The vacuum cleaner without sucking power lekeage :D this code could be used to make a very cool paintball gun aswell :o
  • Demon666: @ElementalGenius98: what does it mean? lmao
  • ElementalGenius98: @Demon666: german but the guy in the adviserment says more "saugkrouft" instead of "saugkraft" verlust xD
  • Demon666: @ElementalGenius98: is that English? lmfao
  • ElementalGenius98: "Der staubsauger ohne Saugkraft verlust" xDDD
  • LEGOS R FUN: It was only a matter of time before this cleaning product got featured!
  • Demon666: @Mazz1224: if only all vacuums were like this lol
  • Mazz1224: This is the most fun I have had in a while.
  • Demon666: @sjoerd1999: lol thanks
  • sjoerd19992: Omg awesome!!
  • Demon666: @Ctjet: the difficult part is gonna be storing the objects for later use lol.
  • Demon666: @Ctjet: alright
  • Ctjet: Make a vacuum gun for the robot, that sucks up items, then shoots them back out at high velocity
  • that guy2: Well... um... huh.
  • JOELwindows7: Really want that sopisticated real!!!
  • Demon666: @The_Blacksmith_: @zardOz: @JOELwindows7: thanks lol. @Colossus: that's why I shop online lol.
  • JOELwindows7: Infinitely Awesome!!!
    Allow Derivatives!!!!
  • Colossus: I've always wanted one of these, but I can't find them at the store... Awesome job!
  • The_Blacksmith_: Awesome! LIKE
  • zardOz2: cool build! maybe have the teleport activate the Rc, the circle on the Rc mini is so damn tiny I couldn't see it
  • Demon666: @TechZ: @Alfajim: @woodnut: thanks guys lol @musicious: hmm that's an interesting idea for a speed run I'll think about it once I fix this things aim.
  • Alfajim: Very nice lol. I've got the same vacuum at home. :-)
  • TechZ2124: Awesome !
  • musicious: Enter this for speedrun! You can add a way to score points by picking up trash along the way and firing toward sky hoop portals along the way to the finish line or something
  • woodnut2: Lol, great idea and build :)
  • Demon666: @shantanuaryan67: lol thanks
  • shantanuaryan67: Awesome

LEVEL ID: 10567