sdac - Custom level - from Windows
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First person to support us on Indiegogo, with a whopping $175 donated. Thanks, Golden!

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  • Golden: @GlaDos:
  • griff2: @Golden: round the next generation of the newsletter in Microsoft word or phrase to find out more about the ment and families in a big pig in a big pig in
  • Golden: @griff2: excuse me
  • griff2: @Golden: gramer bich

  • Golden: Because you have enough money to keep principia up ;)
  • Golden: @sdac: hey, i gaved you $300
  • sdac: @TechZ: don't worry about it, I understand. :) thanks for spreading the word, I wish more people engaged in spreading the word about Principia.
  • TechZ2124: @sdac: Hi sdac, maybe you will be a bit surprised but I won't be able to support you on Indiegogo. The reason is very simple, I'm a 14-year-old boy and my parents don't want me to give money online, except to buy a game or something they've seen before and allow me to buy. Sadly I could not convince them about Indiegogo, so I just hope you'll understand it. I'm really sorry because Bithack and Principia is really something important for me and I really would like to help you, but sadly I have to obey. Anyway I have sent the URL to some of my friends and maybe one of them will toss something. Also as you maybe know, Spanish and French are my native languages, so if one day ( or maybe now ! ) you need translations for Principia to make it a multi-lamguages game, you can be sure I'll always be there to help you ;)
    Thanks again Bithack team
  • sdac: @Golden: seems to only be available on the desktop version of indiegogo, you can request the desktop version from your mobile by checking a checkbox in the menu of chrome, or do it from a PC. I'll contact them and let them know it's not possible to access the cmoments from mobile devices.
  • sdac: @Axohmega: Thanks!
  • Golden: Where*
  • Axohmega: If you're wasn't on the verge of being homeless I would contribute. But either way I am forwarding the page to my friends.
  • Golden: @sdac: wait there is the comment
  • Golden: @sdac: ok
  • sdac: @Golden: @zardOz: and everyone else, if you want to help out even more by just doing very little, please write a little comment on the Indiegogo page, I'm sure the general interest would increase faster if there were some positive comments on there. Thanks :)
  • Golden: @sdac: sweet
  • sdac: @Golden: maybe we'll add that, we'll have to look into it and see how practical it is
  • Golden: @sdac: plus, i have question, can color change (gif) on username, im curious if you can do that
  • principia_rus: @sdac: ok, thank you
  • sdac: @principia_rus: changing the color of your name can be done by people who have supported us with a minimum of $75 on Indiegogo, see the announcement below the top menu
  • principia_rus: @sdac: @pajlada: how a change color in player name?
  • Demon666: awesome!! that's the name I have from the only other game I play lol. in a few weeks when im not broke anymore ill donate. college expenses got my pockets bleeding lmao.
  • sdac: @Demon666: we can do that
  • Demon666: @pajlada: is this to crazy? lol
  • pajlada: @Demon666: not sure, i guess if it's not too crazy it should work :)
  • Demon666: @pajlada: im wondering can you make multi color names? cuz i do plan on donating (once im not broke) lol
  • zardOz2: better thanks!
  • pajlada: @zardOz: just changed it to #887c88 instead of #665c66, let me know what you think
  • zardOz2: gratz G! you got your wish lol... @pajlada: my name is not quite what I had in mind, aka too dark, could you tweak it more towards stone gray? And thanks! for that and the notification fix:)
  • Demon666: lol you finally got your golden name
  • Golden: @sdac: @pajlada: thank you very much!
  • Golden: Yay
  • pajlada: @Golden: fixed :-)
  • Golden: Loke 198,189,0
  • Golden: @sdac: i want it be gold :D
  • sdac: @Golden: VIP isnt implemented yet, but you can get a color for your name (which is included in one of the perks you have), just tell us the hex code for what color you want
  • Golden: @sdac: puke fundations, LMAO
  • Golden: Hey, wheres my vip :D
  • FirePhenixFire: Nice perks :D
  • sdac: @yo man: thanks! @zardOz: thanks for your support! 12 months ago I puked on the idea of fundraising, never knew we'd actually have to use it as a last resort
  • pajlada: @yo man: yes, I'm swedish too. :-)
  • RasmusOlle: @yo man: i think yes, list of swedish people here that i know is from sweden: ImAman, ronan, RasmusOlle and someone other on the forum, i cant remember the name....
  • Technomancer: @pajlada: i cant find the "list of other things you can do to help"
  • Technomancer: @pajlada: where?i cant find it
  • Technomancer: @yo man: what do you mean?
  • yo man: @pajlada: you are swedish too, correct?
  • yo man: @Technomancer: spread the message man
  • pajlada: @Technomancer: At the bottom of the indiegogo-site there's a list of "Other things you can do to help" :)
  • Technomancer: @pajlada: i really want to help what should i do to help you guys whitout any money(im poor right now)?
  • Technomancer: @pajlada: Oops *ever*:P
  • Technomancer: @pajlada: i really wanna help my favorite game evere developer but sadly i dont have any money right now:'(
  • pajlada: @The_Blacksmith_: Early access builds as we call them will be more frequent builds that have very experimental/untested features.
  • zardOz2: 111
  • zardOz2: @yo man: yes I donated 11I've paid thousands of dollars for hundreds of terrible lazy games.I've learned more from principia than i have from all the others combined. even if I never played again, it would be money well spent to me.
  • yo man: @FirePhenixFire: nice! And @zardOz: are you going to donate? Hell i feel like all the builders should pay you half the time haha
  • yo man: Sorry of a nordic country origin.
  • yo man: @Golden: thats awesomee! And @sdac, i just tossed ya $15. If i could afford more i would. But i like what you guys do. Im 50% nordic, norewgian, but dont hold that against me haha. Best of luck i hope you get to your goal!
  • The_Blacksmith_: The site says receive first non beta version. Is that the first non beta of 1.5?
  • Demon666: @Colossus: there's info there on the expenses of keeping the servers up for the website as well as developing and adding new features.
  • Colossus: @sdac: @pajlada: Why do you guys need us to donate for? I went to the link to look for some better info, but all I found was info on Principia.
  • Golden: Dang i wanna be constructer ($2,000)
  • zardOz2: oh and @sdac: would it be possible to get the reply notifications to recognise both capitolized and uncapitolized can't tell you how many messages are sent to Zardoz Sdac(see below) and Pajlada among others... P.S. I'd like my name to be a stone gray... like .4,.36,.4 or something
  • FirePhenixFire: Im going to donate $111 when I get payed XD
  • zardOz2: Way to go G! Last year I would have never considered donating to a game developer, but I can't deny how much I've learned and enjoyed playing... You've earned my support @Sdac: and crew! Good luck on whatever you do in the future, even if I hate the idea of paying for an advantage of any kind, it's a terrible nessesity sometimes!
  • Golden: No problem

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