Advanced Parts Tutorial #1: cmp-le, cmp-e, cmp-l (w/powerbar)

zardOz2 - Custom level - from Android
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zardOz's Advanced Principia Tutorials #1
EXPORTABLES: Controlable power bar, No gap arrow

Help the Robots reach the Promised Land... or send them to the Pit of Despair.

Need help? This example shows the basic function of the cmp-le, cmp-e and cmp-l.

The cmp-le stands for "lesser than or equal to", the cmp-e is "equal to" and the cmp-l is "lesser than", they all check to determine if the INO input meets the requirement set by the IN1 input. If met they output a signal of 1.0 "TRUE".

Tap/click the info button for an advanced description of how the electronics of the power bar operate. The power bar is a load an forget object, anything with a receiver set to 10000 frequency will automaticly operate on its RC slider or button.

Open in sandbox to explore.

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  • zardOz2: @Alfajim: @woodnut: tyty
  • Alfajim: Another great example level, great work and thanks. :)
  • woodnut2: Another fine helper. thank you
  • zardOz2: Thanks mz, I guess you're not crazy then
  • mznznlt: Lol my language is not that popular right here...... so there is no need for now. Nice explaining here
  • zardOz2: If anyone is crazy enough to translate any of these tutorials into other languages and republish them I think that would be awesome
  • zardOz2: Easily my finest work, I am very satisfied.

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