Lua Experiments: Hammer of Thunder 1.0.1

Demon666 - Custom level - from Windows
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inspired by the upcoming melee weapon update.

update 1.0.1
- various usibility tweaks
- decreased the chance of the hammer killing you
- maked it return faster if thrown really far
- damages creatures and breaks connections on contact
- electric burst (if not holding)
- better electric burst

Joystick: aim
G: Pick up or throw the hammer(careful you might kill yourself)
F: Fire lightning, if holding otherwise emitts electric burst
W or Spacebar: Jump
Slider or A/D: walk left or right

future improvements:
- spersified contact damage
- flight(mabye)

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  • Toby stahl: U shouldve called it hammer of thor great job
  • Edgarcell: cuphead

  • HerokidsRS: Hey,how about you made a respawn button *I got kill by the hammer while its returning*
  • HerokidsRS: Awsome hammer XD liked it
  • Demon666: @maxim4k: i used a code that manipulates the physics in the game thats how the hammer can be thrown and returned. the hammer itself is just an object covered with a sprite.
  • maxim4k: It's a very good hammer!
  • maxim4k: How do you do this hammer?
  • Demon666: @Winfrid9: already made a lightsaber its still a WIP tho
  • Winfrid9: Really awesome! Now make a sword lol
  • dislexicboy: Don't get rid of that glitch it is really funny
  • Demon666: @dislexicboy: lmao. yeah it's still not completely free of glitches
  • dislexicboy: I got a bomber stuck in the hammer
  • Demon666: @pajlada: that makes sense lmao
  • pajlada: @Demon666: they do affect other robots, however the bullets don't collide with the robot feet. the spikebot is the only robot close enough to the ground to notice it when walking normally :-)
  • Demon666: @pajlada: noticed a funny glitch. the robots bullets can still damage the spike bot even if the bullets are rolling around on the ground lol. they don't seem to effect other bots tho.
  • Demon666: @BUILDBOSS: lol and then you die from either the initial jump of the fall damage lmao.
  • BUILDBOSS: @Demon666: in the last version when the hammer thouch the ground the robot make an enourmus jump
  • Demon666: @BUILDBOSS: what bug? there were many lol.
  • BUILDBOSS: @Demon666: yes....i liked this bug...ahha....good job!
  • Demon666: @BUILDBOSS: because I'd rather not die every time the hammer returns to me lmfao.
  • BUILDBOSS: @principia_rus: awersome.but...why you improved it.? i like the bugs in the precendent version
  • principia_rus: @Demon666: cool!
  • sjoerd19992: Awesome!!
  • Bimbim11: Me thorsta!
  • JOELwindows7: Completely Awesome!
  • that guy2: Yup.
    also, you say it as "myul-neer"
  • The Ohio One: Amazing
  • Demon666: @yo man: I was gonna but that at first but I thought that "hammer of thunder" sounded cooler. I don't even know how to pronounce it's actual name lmao
  • yo man: Mjolnir!
  • Demon666: @The_Blacksmith_: thanks lol
  • The_Blacksmith_: Awesome! LIKE
  • Demon666: @BobMonkeypimp: if you have a background in programming then learning lua should be alot easier. good luck
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Demon666: I learnt BASIC on a C64 when I was a kid & did Turbo Pascal & CoBol at college (shows my age). Guess I'm teaching myself lua then. :)
  • elie_elie5000: The hammer of Thor !!!!
  • Demon666: @BobMonkeypimp: then learn it.... its not as difficult as you think. there are far more difficult programming languages lmao trust me.
  • BobMonkeypimp: You know, all this awesome stuff that you're doing with lua is making me want to learn lua.
  • Demon666: @Aceheliflyer: that's intentional.... that's what gives the hammer it's weight and crushing power.
  • Demon666: @Aceheliflyer: is it already listed in the "future improvements" list?
  • Aceheliflyer: You know how there is an object behind the sprite. Well if you tap on it while playing....
    Its a plasic polygon...
  • Aceheliflyer: I FOUND A GLITCH!!!
  • Demon666: @wreckthetech: I plan to make some more melee weapons first. light saber, a physical shield, a power gauntlet etc lol. it would be to easy if you were the only one with weapons lol. if you have any other trademarks weapons(that aren't ridiculous) then let me know n I'll try and make them.
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: I'll use a pre-built hammer if they have one resembling thor's. and if I'm able to throw and return like I can here lol
  • JOELwindows7: Thor!!!
  • JOELwindows7: Duper Awesome!!!
    Allow Derivatives if has it finished.
    Also when 1.5.1, use that original!
  • wreckthetech: You absolutely have to make an adventure out of this!
  • Demon666: @TechZ: lmao thanks it will be better once I decrease the chance of the hammer killing you lol. right now this thing is suicidal.
  • TechZ2124: Wow infinitely awesome !

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