Boxing Robot

Doughnuts1083 - Custom level - from Android
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Revision 3

Fixed some bugs


1 Jab
Touch the top right for a short time

2 Body blow
Make a curve from the bottom to the right for a long time

3 Uppercut
Make a curve from the bottom to the top right for a long time

H Lean back
F Guard
G Duck
A Move forwards
D Move backwards
J Stop moving

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  • QuickestW0LF: Hey,,can you please check out my modded version. (The sword one)
  • alx37: Automata it's crazy :s
  • Ahmad Khaled: Awesome build
  • alx37: @Doughnuts108: wow
  • TechMan101: Pls add more
  • fapfap250: It is Epic win!!
  • kayliebear: All i have 2 say is this Epic it looks like its real
  • JOELwindows7: Epicness comes
  • Coolblocks749: One word, EPIC.
  • deathonastick4: Well...He did it again. What's next? They're just getting more and more lifelike!
  • Danish18aiman: @Doughnuts108: YOU SIR ARE A LEGEND!
  • bestbattle: @Doughnuts108: how can I say it? This is freaking awesome!
  • that guy2: Turn up the iterations, it's such a shame for its awesomeness to be interrupted by its hands getting stuck in its legs.
  • incrazyboyy: Well done! Looks very realistic. Keep up the good work :)
  • The_Blacksmith_: This is amazing! 138 Nice job again, master of robotics!
  • Picikak03: Wooow, it's perfect, dude *-* how long did you work on it?
  • electro: Are you learning robotics?
  • Hobbit: That is so cool.
  • zardOz2: @rom1k: I nominate this for highlight!
  • TouringGuy: Wow!
  • puhC69: This is just amazing probably the best walker plus it fights just AWESOME!!!
  • Winfrid9: @Doughnuts108: no no 2 arms
  • Rubicon2: This is beyond awesome, wow!
  • zardOz2: pretty much the best ever d! love how the back muscles work... glorius
  • Doughnuts1083: @Winfrid9: And What's it like? 1 arm and imaginary?
  • Doughnuts1083: @Winfrid9: OK.I'll think about it!
  • Winfrid9: Bro can you make a pro robot arm for me? 2 of em
  • The Ohio One: 115
  • Thelizard: I think this is the best thing ive seen in principia
  • sjoerd19992: wow awesome!! My phone shut down after 20 sec, but awesome job!!
  • Alfajim: Wow incredibly awesome!!! Great work. The best humanoid I've seen. :)
  • felicia_of_fartinsad: Amazing
  • dominguezbuilder18: Awesomelevel
    doughnuts108,you are awesome
  • TechZ2124: Wow wow wow really so awesome !
  • musicious: Wow awesome!!!
  • d3xt3R-x: Awesome
  • Nighthawk: Amazing job, smooth and realistic
  • yo man: Amazing!
  • electro: EPIC!!!! What is your job?
  • Hobbit: Very cool, you should make rock em sock em robots.

LEVEL ID: 10780