Escape from the occupied factories.

_slendy_ - Adventure level - from Android
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Побег с захваченой фабрики.
Присутствует 2 языка. /
There is a 2 language. /

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  • Edgarcell: will you on kill
  • Edgarcell: edgar hell go run on back on
    xd lol facebook and 32455 subs the principia
  • Edgarcell: noooo
  • Edgarcell: principia is demo is fuly man kill the robots
  • Edgarcell: PRINCIPIA IS BACK
    CALL 786555
  • Edgarcell: XD
  • Dr_Gears: Отличная игруха получилась! Респект автору!
  • rocketscientest: I can get up theadder and I can use the layer switch. I don't know what you are talking about
  • rocketscientest: So sick!!
  • lala: 1.5.1? I got no update :p
  • lala: 1.5.1? I got no update :p
  • THE LORD OF DARK: @Gordon 3man: +
  • Gordon 3man: Сленди ты гений
  • benz15: @pajlada: why?
  • pajlada: @benz15: yes, that's because 1.5.1 is not released yet :-)
  • benz15: @pajlada: but my principia version is 1.5 patch 4
  • pajlada: Thanks for the notice. In 1.5.1 the layer-switch buttons will not removed, but instead be faded if they cannot be used for anything.
  • _slendy_: Excuse me for my not rework the level I did on the computer where the buttons are not needed.
  • benz15: @_slendy_: You need a layer button to get up and get down the stairs
  • benz15: @_slendy_: allow derivative please
  • _slendy_: I do not understand about some stairs in question?
  • Coolblocks749: This would be WAY easier if we could layer up and down. Really hard to climb up
  • HerokidsRS: @Galvatron66: Thx man ur the best
  • HerokidsRS: @Galvatron66: Thx man ur the best
  • Galvatron66: @ali: @Zeblote: @Theindo66: @HerokidsRS: to go down the stairs, enter box mode. To get up the stairs, move to the wall and press jump repeatedly. (Thats the way to climb wall in 1.5)
  • Galvatron66: I won
  • HerokidsRS: @Theindo66: Yeah your right
  • Theindo66: Nobody can win the level because we need the layer switch buttons to go on stairs!
  • _slendy_: You must first press the button reactor.
  • Zeblote: There's no way to climb the ladder.
  • ali: I cant get up the ladder
  • ali: I cant get up the ladder

LEVEL ID: 10785