The Prison Escape v.2.2

HerokidsRS - Adventure level - from Android
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Whazup guys here's my new level with some few upgrades hope you guys enjoy it
Update 2.2 :New limit prompt
New Upgraded boss(Plasma Guy)

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  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: Kita berjiran XD
  • benz15: @d3xt3R-x: @HerokidsRS: saya dari indonesia :)
  • benz15: @d3xt3R-x:@HerokidsRS: kalian dari malaysia? saya dari indonesia
  • HerokidsRS: @d3xt3R-x: Oh ye ke bagus
  • d3xt3R-x: @HerokidsRS: saya pun dari Malaysia
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: saya dari indonesia
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: Saya dari malaysia,jiran negara kamu
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: that your new level is need allow derivative please
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: ehh level kamu yang baru di upgrade di allow derivative dong
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: hai
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: iya im from indonesia you?
  • HerokidsRS: Benz15 kau org indonesia ke?
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: ok i will wait ;)
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: ok
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: come on upgrade that your level
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: but your new level is need some weapon and upgrade (this is my idea)
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: yes but is hard
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: Have you play my new level?
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15:Its ok.Me and my friend know how to seek the principia for free
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: really? I got it for paid i use my daddy's credit card :(
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: free
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: hey bro
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: hey you download principia is for paid or free?
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: Okay :)
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: hey you download principia is for pay or free?
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: yeah but please that your new level is need allow derivatives please
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: Im done hope you will like it
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: ok i wait it ;)
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: Im posting it later
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: really? Where?
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: Im posting new level hope you will like it
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: Nearly 13
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: 13
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: how old are you?
  • benz15: @HerokidsRS: thanks
  • HerokidsRS: @benz15: Okay
  • benz15: Allow derivative please

LEVEL ID: 10791