Dummys's nightmare[not working]

jammer312 - Custom level - from Android

This level is locked.

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  • Golden: @Aceheliflyer: no he's dead...
  • Aceheliflyer: @Golden: Wait... ZardOz is gone!?
  • Golden: @Manny: @Aceheliflyer: since zardOz is gone, we need him back...
  • Aceheliflyer: @Manny: oh :(
  • Aceheliflyer: @Manny: oh :(
  • Manny: @Aceheliflyer: I know he used to be the best!!! But then he left and zardOz and TechZ took over.
  • Aceheliflyer: @Manny:
  • Aceheliflyer: Why the hell did he leave?
  • Manny: @Aceheliflyer: wait, pkg warp is not working. Have to wait till 1.5.
  • Manny: @pajlada: jammer312 doesn't even play Principia anymore. He left and didn't unlock it. @Aceheliflyer: unless... He has a level with a pkg warp.
  • Aceheliflyer: @pajlada: :(
  • pajlada: @Aceheliflyer: That's up to jammer312, sorry.
  • Aceheliflyer: @pajlada: can you unlock this level? I want to play even though its broken. I might even be able to fix it!
  • JOELwindows7: Yah locked :(
  • Manny: @jammer312: Can you unlock it please!??!
  • hello: UN... LOCK... NOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Aceheliflyer: @jammer312: IDC
    UNLOCK THE F#@*รท@ LEVEL!!!
  • AzoteX: Unlock and allow derivative, i want to try to fix it ;-)
  • Aceheliflyer: Please unlock it so I can play! :'(
  • ricardito08: @jammer312: fix it.
  • ricardito08: @jammer312: D: Please
  • jammer312: It wasn't interesting anyway. It broken with update
  • incrazyboyy: Please fix it!
  • Ronan: Noooo!
  • coby: What the world why is it locked
  • Golden: Why you locked this level
  • jammer312: Lol don't works after update
  • jammer312: Idk why but when l play dummy always ends on his bed(with fan as pillow XD)
  • zardOz2: Ha, love it... Im a big fan of abstract stuff. My dummy didnt reach the goal platform tho. You may need to adjust the conveyor a bit

LEVEL ID: 1084