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Nirvana is my favorite band, so I made this pixel art.

Nirvana is grunge band, or was, because in 1994 Kurt Cobain (vocalist) committed suicide, by shooting himself in the head.

Here's some of the best Nirvana's songs:

Smells like teen spirit
Heart shaped box
You know you're right
Come as you are
The man who sold the world
Something in the way
Rape me
Stay away
In bloom
Where did you sleep last night
Big cheese
About a girl
All apologies
Very ape
Swap meat
Pennyroyal tea
Son of a gun
Moist vagina
Been a son
Drain you
Milk it
Molly's lips
On a plane

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  • Chad64: That's a lot a songs. I'll check 5.
  • PeterZ: @FreeGAZA: give me the source of your information about that murder and I'll see if it's trustable or not, everyone believes the he committed suicide and so do I.
  • FreeGAZA: Nice work...Nirvana rocks \m/ \m/ and kurt didnt commit suicide, he was murdered.
  • PeterZ: you're probably 90-s kid because, kids nowadays would be more like -"what, I taught that Nirvana was only a t-shirt brand, since when do they make music?"
  • rich11292000: Lead guit-fiddle. ;)
  • PeterZ: which instrument do you play?
  • rich11292000: I played a battle of the band's concert when I was 13 in the school gym. We the 3rd and last band, the crowd was so annoyed by the other bands that they were just in talk circles or trying to leave. Our opening song was new wave Polly, we had no idea the fire we were playing with. The crowed erupted into a riot instantly, they rushed the stage with bodies already in the air, I thought they were just going to keep running and run us over. They had to call police to control stop the moshing. Unbelievable energy.
  • PeterZ: @rich11292000: hell yeah!!!
  • rich11292000: Kurt could freestyle a solo like Hendrix. Lyrics so radical will make your face melt off. You don't know what a mosh pit is untill you play this.

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