Ball game v1.3.3

kej1 - Custom level - from Android
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Feel that you are a ball!
You can jump and roll!
Can you finish this level?
Take the power of Fire!

Top slider - roll
Bottom slider - jumping force control
F - Jump
Rotary - jumping angle control
G - Fire power!

Tip: score will add for every jump (250*force_of_jump) and roll (1*force_of_roll for every 0.008 seconds).

Try and comment!
v1: added simple track
v1.1: added dead zone and high score submissions
v1.1.1: game over bugfix.
v1.1.2, v1.1.3: minor bugfixes
v1.2: remaked track, added new power (G button)
v1.3: made track harder, added animation of fire, minor bugfixes and improvements, added PC left/right roll control (A/D)
v1.3.1: a bit longer ending, minor improvements
v1.3.2; v1.3.3: bugfixes

Credit to Demon666 for his animation of fire!

Views: 1528 Downloads: 374 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 271

Top 10 Players

1. JOELwindows7
2. paxus
3. musicious
4. kej1
5. burning_potato
6. Alan2001
7. marcusantonius
8. elie_elie5000
9. Nikitron
10. Birtzer

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  • dddduboty: Best I've seen in ever
  • Demon666:
  • Demon666: strange.... i copied it so it should be the same lol.... anyway if you change the 20 to 10 and the 1000 to 50 then it will work better.... cuz as it is the ball has way to much power lmao.
  • kej1: @Demon666: Ok, can you give me your email?
  • kej1: @Demon666: This code like my code but apply_torque(math.sin(forceang)*100) if ball under obj[i] and apply_torque(math.cos(forceang)*100) if not.
  • Demon666: I can force edit levels.... don't ask how
  • kej1: @Demon666: Where you find out names of my variables?
  • kej1: @Demon666: See this...
  • Demon666: obj[i]:set_velocity(vxt+10*math.sin(forceang),vyt+10*math.cos(forceang))

    this seems to work well.... I don't get spacked around anymore lol but the ball still has good breakthrough power
  • Demon666: @kej1: I just divide the x,y velocity them by something. lol... make sure you divide them both by the same number tho lol.
  • kej1: @Demon666: How you been accelerated throw walls?
  • kej1: @Demon666: Hmm... Ok, I'll try to decrease power of blast...
  • Demon666: better... I still get accelerated thro walls tho lmfao
  • kej1: @Demon666: Thanks for advice... I saw your code and understood my problem... See this update :)
  • Demon666: my fake explosion level has a good example of blastaway physics lol.
  • kej1: @Demon666: I know, I try to fix it...
  • Demon666: I don't think that you should apply torque to the objects that the ball hits when in fire mode because then they smack the ball around lol. I got launched like 1000 units in the other direction lmao.
  • kej1: @zardOz: Sorry, but it have a lot of bugs... It not finshed yet...
  • kej1: @zardOz: Try this.
  • kej1: @zardOz: No, game don't sumbit your score on game over :)
  • kej1: @zardOz: Ok... Fireball mode allows you to break walls and search hidden parts. It reques energy, that shows on powerbar. I'll modify calculation of energy spend in next 10 minutes.
  • zardOz2: i tried, but i died at the end... it said submitting score even though I died.
  • kej1: @zardOz: @Alfajim: @Demon666: @musicious: Try to complete this track.
  • zardOz2: whew.. thats a long one, please explain how it works better. Whats does fireball do, what does powerbar do
  • kej1: @Demon666: Added your animation, remaking calculating breakthrough power, added PC controls
  • Demon666: since the ball moves slow it can be difficult to break through objects with it. if you cant I can make a code to enhance its breakthrough power lol.
  • Demon666: for the code...... its best to keep this in its own separate luascript object... I tried intergrading this into your code and failed lol.
  • Demon666: my older fire code it so fucking difficult to work with that I decided that it would be quicker to just make a single object flame code from my newer fire code lol.
  • kej1: @Demon666: just ball
  • Demon666: wait do you want to catch other objects on fire? or do you just want the ball itself Flaming? if it's just the ball then I can run rig my older Flaming Objects code real quick to work for it.
  • Demon666: just know that it will add some extra lag to your level lol. I'll try to add a flame intencity setting so I don't kill people's phones...... yeah this isn't gonna be done today lmao.
  • Demon666: @kej1: I've been working on my 2nd Gen fire code the past few days, it should be done by the end of today. or tomorrow lol.
  • kej1: @Demon666: Can you make the fire animation script for the wooden ball, activating by input signal 1 on IN0? I mean lua script object, not only code.
  • kej1: @zardOz: Ok. @Demon666: In next update, ok?
  • zardOz2: let me know when its finished, I spent an hour getting my awesome high score yesterday:(
  • Demon666: oh..... not finished yet....
  • Demon666: also fire dosent seem to do anything lol
  • Demon666: @kej1: no pc controls :[? lol
  • kej1: @zardOz: @Alfajim: @Demon666: @musicious: New update :)
  • kej1: @zardOz: @Alfajim: Thanks! When I get update, I'll beat your record, zardOz :)
  • Alfajim: Fun level, very nice. :)
  • zardOz2: evil, just evil! good little addiction game... very cruel
  • kej1: @Demon666: Ok, I'll add soon.
  • kej1: First records!
  • Demon666: id suggest adding A/D for left/right for pc lol it would help
  • kej1: @pajlada: Thanks!
  • pajlada: @kej1: oh nvm, you need to update your principia to 1.5.1 for scores to work again.
  • pajlada: @kej1: I can't finish it, so i'm not sure how to test it
  • zardOz2: @kej1: im working, cant play
  • kej1: @pajlada: I have a bug with score submissions. Can you help me?
  • kej1: @musicious: Try this
  • kej1: @zardOz: Thanks. Do you have a bug with sumbitting score?
  • zardOz2: @kej1: download "edit" after publishing... do not make a "copy", if you only save normally it should update the old version and not repost as new
  • musicious: I get an error when i finish, it wont let me submit scores. I scored 2936
  • kej1: @Demon666: @zardOz: See this update.
  • kej1: @sdac: Why my level reposts every update?

LEVEL ID: 11044