Halberd (or Meta Knight's AWESOME spaceship)

Colossus - Custom level - from Android
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I was playing Super Smash Bros., and my favorite character being Meta Knight, and my favorite map being his spaceship, it only made sense to make this.
(P.S. Sorry if the colors are wrong, its how it looks on the map)

Left panel:
Horizontal buttons - Fires front lasers and turrets
Vertical buttons - Fires lasers on the arm's base
Joystick - Angle of arm

Right panel:
Middle button - Toggle flight/landing gear
Top & Bottom buttons -Lift/Lower front of the ship

Lemme know if the controls are funny for PC and any other bugs I can fix.

Updated for less bouncy landing gear

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  • sre: amazing
  • principiafreak300: @Colossus: @TheEnderPT: I think melee for the gamecube is the best, it has many characters and so epic music...
  • principiafreak300: Were you playing brawl?
  • Chad64: Kirby!!!!!! :D
  • benz15: @Colossus: Duper MASSIVE !!!!!! And allow derivatives ? :( pls :(
  • Gavin: The only thing could've bin beer is gravity you should turn ur gravity down
  • Colossus: @TheEnderPT: Sorry for the late reply! The N64 Super Smash Bros is probably the most fun, even though it only has 12 characters :)
  • TheEnderPT3: Nice level! I player super smash Bros too, on Nintendo 64 :D
  • wokstation22: @Colossus: it's from the xbtf series by egosoft. Well worth a go if you're into open space sims with combat, trading & building. X3TC especially.
  • Colossus: @wokstation: No idea what that is! About the badge, it appears silver next to my name, but is actually gold at my homepage. Thanks for the positive feedback, your level was really nice too!
  • wokstation22: Really reminds me of an Argon centaur with batfink wings! Nice work, and congratulations! (but where's your gold badge?)
  • incrazyboyy: Congratulations!
  • rom1k: @Colossus: 250fps here :) very nice spaceship
  • incrazyboyy: wow this is so cool! I play super smash bros on n64, wii and 3ds!
  • Colossus: @rom1k: Would it be considered cheating using Demon's emitter on my space ship? I'm probably not gonna be able to fix it before the contest, but if I could, can I?
  • Demon666: people have used my codes in contests before and haven't gotten disqualified for it.... the super emitter is a very basic addition its not some super complicated level defining addition lmao...
  • Colossus: @Demon666: Thanks for the suggestion! I might get disqualified if I did that though, because it would technically be a derivative. If you have any problems I could fix, please lemme know.
  • Demon666: fell to use my super accelerated mini emitter level if you want to chuck bombs at the highest speed possible in principia lol/
  • Colossus: @Demon666: There was gonna be a bomb launcher, but the ship was going too fast, it just got stuck in the emmiter and blew up :)
  • Demon666: so many lasers lmao.
  • Colossus: @TechZ: Thanks! @Johnsinna: I know right! I appreciate the feedback, this thing took forever to build!
  • TechZ2124: Very nice design !
  • JOELwindows7: Wow spaceship!
  • Colossus: @rom1k: This laggy enough for ya? Apparently it lags in edit mode, but not when you play it.

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