Air Strike II BETA

Nighthawk - Custom level - from Windows
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still beta, i have many awesome features in my mind. like friendly helicopter that will fight next to you, harder boss, loonger path, sounds and extra weapons.

please note that rockets are not working for now.

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  • RasmusOlle: uhum...
  • Nighthawk: @the-gamer: people tastes are quite fucked up here, maybe that's why.
  • the-gamer: @Nighthawk: why this level have only 10 likes it supposed to have 90 likes
  • SpeedyZap: oh OK?
  • RasmusOlle: @SpeedyZap: I see on latest comments
  • SpeedyZap: what the heck man your following me around
  • RasmusOlle: @SpeedyZap: shut up
  • SpeedyZap: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • benz15: @Nighthawk: allow derivatives!
  • Nighthawk: @Alfajim: thanks bud
  • Alfajim: @Nighthawk: oops forgot to like. Done now. :)
  • Nighthawk: @incrazyboyy: lol i didn't know they are even exists until i'm almost finished XD
  • incrazyboyy: @Nighthawk: just use key listeners!
  • Nighthawk: @incrazyboyy: yeah i know but some how it would be conflicting with android control, but i'll work on it
  • Nighthawk: @Alfajim: @Danish18aiman: thanks guys
  • incrazyboyy: Wow so cool! A bit laggy :D
    I dont like the slider on pc, it would be better to use W and S for that
  • Alfajim: Very nice. This should be great when you've finished. :)
  • Danish18aiman: Finally made it!
  • Demon666: I never knew about that hotkey tho
  • Demon666: @Nighthawk: lol I wasn't playing on android but I didn't have a keyboard attached so I couldn't use hotkeys
  • Nighthawk: @Demon666: when pressing on red "An." should activate android RC,, i did not test it on android...
  • Nighthawk: pressing on "AN." won't work?
  • Demon666: nice. I'd suggest using the square joystick to control the helicopters movement. I'd also suggest adding an rc targeter lol I was just sitting there getting shot at wondering where the rc is lol.

LEVEL ID: 11112