You're lucky!

kej1 - Custom level - from Android
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You're lucky!
You can press button just press Play!
Play and see, how you are Lucky :)

This machine just press button.

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  • benz15: @kej1: And nice fireworks
  • benz15: @kej1: ITS AWESOME I LOVE THE ENDING!!!!!!!!!!!
  • kej1: @tanuj: Thanks!
  • tanuj: Its great man..!! Love the ending..!!
  • musicious: it works now
  • kej1: @that guy: Thanks!
  • that guy2: Nice fireworks!
  • JOELwindows7: Wow Awesome!!!
  • kej1: @musicious: Tell me what ball/cylinder/rocket don't work? Where ball missed his target, cylinder stops etc.
  • musicious: different places each time i will try again after work
  • kej1: @musicious: Can you tell me where?
  • musicious: failed both times on my LG g2
  • kej1: @burning_potato: @sdac: Thanks!
    @burning_potato: Yes, because I have nexus 7 2012 too :)
  • burning_potato: Works on first try on nexus 7 [2012]
  • sdac: nice, works great :)
  • kej1: Just simple and small variant of Rube Goldberg machine... Tell me if it don't work.

LEVEL ID: 11130