Cooking machine:rube Goldberg

Technomancer - Custom level - from Android
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Sometimes it wont work please restart if it wont work.
Finally my entry for the contest is done :D
Hope you like it
-Camera now following balls and stuff
-Theres some New messages at the end of level

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  • cookobb: Doesn't work. Stops at the bottem
  • Technomancer: @benz15: yeah
  • benz15: @Technomancer: yes you don't win
  • Technomancer: @JB Marcowitz: hehe@benz15: maybe
  • JB Marcowitz: Nice breakfast
  • benz15: @JOELwindows7: hmm kayak nya si tech kagak bakalan menang deh
  • benz15: @Technomancer: i hope you don't win
  • Technomancer: @benz15: ya udah
  • benz15: @Technomancer: sekarang atau aku hate kamu plih mana? Sekarang atau aku hate kamu
  • Technomancer: @benz15: sabar
  • benz15: @Technomancer: cepetan sekarang
  • Technomancer: @benz15: sabar aku lagi bikin sesuatu yang kocak
  • benz15: @Technomancer: ini soal nya awesome banget plis sekarang aja plis
  • Technomancer: @benz15: sabar lah
  • benz15: @Technomancer: kalo bisa sekarang aja allow derivatives nya aku/gue kagak bakalan nge republish kok
  • benz15: @Technomancer: thx
  • Technomancer: @benz15: oke
  • benz15: @Technomancer: hey hey dengerin kalo tu contest udah selesai, ini level kamu di allow derivatives ya?
  • Technomancer: @benz15: hehe
  • benz15: @Technomancer: Hey im wrong this is cool and this is not a bored level and off course i like it (sorry im wrong)
  • benz15: @Technomancer: I DONT LIKE IT I DONT LIKE IT I DONT LIKE IT
  • benz15: @Technomancer: NO NO NO NO NOT COOL I DONT LIKE IT A BORED LEVEL
  • Technomancer: @musicious: good then :D
  • musicious: it finally worked after 2 more tries
  • Technomancer: @musicious: sorry for that.@liam1543: thanks :D
  • liam1543: this is very well done
  • musicious: It failed 4 times at diff spots so I gave up
  • Technomancer: @JOELwindows7: @tanuj: thanks guys:D
  • tanuj: Looks nice ..!!
  • JOELwindows7: Wow duper Awesome!
  • Technomancer: Well this took hours :D

LEVEL ID: 11141