Rube Goldberg Machine: Tick The Clock

Tesla - Custom level - from Android
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This is my Rube Goldberg Machine challenge entry. The point is to tick the minute hand of the clock once. It doesn't work 100% of the time but I hope you like it. Just press the button and see the magic happens. Enjoy.

If your camera are stuck at the beginning, please disable the "smooth camera" in the setting. Thanks.

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  • JOELwindows7: Hello dude!
    Allow Derivatives
  • cswong235: Derivatives pleeeeeeez
  • ricardito08: Cannot even do anything. Shouldnt use RC
  • hello: Derivatives please
  • sjoerd19992: Nice! Congratz!! :D
  • Tesla: @rom1k: haha..I see it's not my problem....I will add that to the description.. thanks anyway..
  • rom1k: @Tesla: Apparently it wasn't a PC bug. It's a bug with the "Smooth camera" option that I had enabled. So if anyone else have a locked camera after using the RC, you need to disable "smooth camera" in the settings.
  • Tesla: @rom1k: I'm not good with the camera I remove the rc activator..
  • rom1k: Awesome level but on PC the camera is locked in the beginning. You can fix it by either adding some cam targeters or simply remove/replace the RC.
  • benz15: @Tesla: yes im indonesian
  • Tesla: @benz15: you Indonesian? I'm Malaysian
  • benz15: @Tesla: the name is "car with mechanic rear suspension system" but that my new level is not released yet
  • benz15: @Tesla: hey i have a new level but that is not a rube goldberg
  • benz15: @Tesla: because i dont have an ideas to build
  • Tesla: @benz15: thanks. Why don't you make one as well?
  • benz15: @Tesla: i hope you win
  • benz15: @Tesla: thanks
  • FirePhenixFire: Awsome add some cam targeters pleases
  • Tesla: @benz15: sorry...forgot the click it just now...there u go again...enjoy
  • benz15: @Tesla: but i say "allow derivatives"
  • Tesla: @incrazyboyy: thanks...took me 17 hours of work to finish it
  • Tesla: @benz15: there u go...enjoy
  • Tesla: @Nighthawk: I did...I let the ball roll in a near horizontal plane
  • incrazyboyy: you are very creative! Good work
  • benz15: @Tesla: allow derivatives!!!
  • Nighthawk: fun! but i wish you could slow things down at the end because i had to try it few more times to understand what happened
  • Tesla: @musicious: try it again
  • musicious: at the far left when the rocket flings the ball it got stuck on the flat horizontal ledge all 3 times i tried it... make it more tilted up so the ball rolls down there.
  • zardOz2: well at minimum youve got to get it so the camera doesnt lock on the RC so it can be moved manually. needs the option "disable rc camera snap" and if that dont work add a cam targeter with no target... if you send a single tick to a cam targeter it will follow the target object, then when its time to switch targets send a tick to the next targeter to switch to the next object you want to follow. for something like this you can just set some timers to send a single tick after X amount of time has passed or you can set things in the level to send ticks when activated... lua can make a more sophisticated control, on mine it targets the two wheels and centers the camera, zooming in and out depending on distance.
  • Tesla: @zardOz: to be honest, I don't know how to move the camera following the stuff happening. Teach me?
  • zardOz2: camera is locked on the RC

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