Rube goldberge machine

Nighthawk - Custom level - from Windows
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  • RasmusOlle: uhum...
  • JOELwindows7: @Nighthawk: np!!!
  • Cheddah: @Nighthawk: got my phone crushed in a reclining couch and just a week ago got the PC version. gotta say i should have got this a long time ago.
  • leo3065: @Nighthawk: Not in a realistic style. Actually, I wish I can become too.
  • Nighthawk: @leo3065: thanks man. are you aviator? I'm really welling to be one, a military one.
  • leo3065: Oh my, never think of that idea. How creative!
  • Nighthawk: @JOELwindows7: thank you
  • JOELwindows7: Wow duper Awesome!!!! Creativity
  • Nighthawk: @that guy: thanks, you're right. i'll put more effort on the next one.
  • Nighthawk: @Cheddah: thanks bud, long time i didn't see you
  • that guy2: Hah, bonus for the portals, but I think a cam targeter system would make it look super professional.
  • Cheddah: sweet!
  • tanuj: @Nighthawk: Thanks... appreciate it ..!!
  • tanuj: @Nighthawk: Its alright man... I'm having a bad day too..
  • Nighthawk: @tanuj: i liked your level though, it's nice!
  • Nighthawk: @tanuj: XD sorry dude i did not recognize your name, i'm having a bad day, so i'm not really in focusing mode.
  • tanuj: @Nighthawk: Yep... I have already uploaded my entry...!!
  • Nighthawk: @tanuj: in the contest, the goldberge contest
  • tanuj: @Nighthawk: in what?
  • Nighthawk: @tanuj: are you going to participate?
  • tanuj: @Nighthawk: Its still something..
  • Nighthawk: @tanuj: thanks, its nothing really. when i have a time i'll try to make something bigger.
  • tanuj: Cool ...!! Liked it..!!
  • Nighthawk: thanks bud XD
  • Golden: Lol i liked it
  • Nighthawk: duh, 1 hour work, not really much. it's just an entry.

LEVEL ID: 11169