Billiard game v1.1

kej1 - Custom level - from Android
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Yess! I made what you want!
Kej1 presents... THE BILLIARD GAME!!!

Choose the balls set and go!
Note: blue balls is interactive balls (just name)
Rotary - angle of launch
Slider - power of launch
Button - launch ball
Tap the ball to select it as a striker.
To win: win 8 balls. If it impossible, just win as more balls as you can.
To lose: goals for 1st and 2nd players must be equal.

Play and comment!

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  • 2genius: brilliant
  • JOELwindows7: Duper Awesome!!!! Allow Derivatives
  • kej1: @zardOz: Ok, I'll make it.
  • zardOz2: sorry I should call it a straight pool break, I assume thats what you mmean by american billiards, since billiards(carom) is played on a table with no pockets
  • zardOz2: @kej1: no i mean the very first shot off to the left or right of center about half way to the rail... a billiard break is ideally targeting one of the back corner balls with the gaol of sending two balls into the rail and having them bounce and stop at the ball cluster where they started... a perfect break will put two to ghe rail and return both balls to the pack where they started
  • kej1: @zardOz: You mean moving striker ball after 9 goals?
  • zardOz2: how about moving the initial shot just past the edge of the 10 balls... cant make a proper billiards break from the center
  • kej1: @Demon666: I don't want to add sprites - all balls are equal. You can use any ball as striker lol It's american billiard.
  • Demon666: you could add sprites for each ball so you know which one is which lol
  • kej1: @zardOz: @Demon666: @TechZ: Sorry for repost :)

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