The breakfast machine

Ctjet - Custom level - from Android
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Keep scrolling to the right untul you see the wall, once there, zoom out.
Sdac love crunchy eggs!

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  • BloodStorm: I ate your eggs Sdac
  • Egorence: REALLYgood
  • LiamD84: I like the balloon!
  • LiamD84: Cool!!
  • Ctjet: @incrazyboyy: thx
  • incrazyboyy: cool thing!
  • martikill: I thought this lvl will win.
  • Ctjet: @Tesla: it is complicated enough as it is, i had to write luascripts for the flames, the robot being charged, and the banana
  • JOELwindows7: Wow extremely Awesome!!! @sdac:
  • Tesla: You have potential to create something awesome. You just have to make it more complicated. I like this.
  • The Ohio One: I get it now. Was just confused on how to get it to work
  • The Ohio One: @Ctjet: what are you saying?
  • Nighthawk: awesome! really fun :)
  • Ctjet: @The Ohio One: also, you can open the derivative
  • Ctjet: @The Ohio One: google rube goldberg machine
  • The Ohio One: How it work cjet?
  • Bearded Turtle: It did stop once right before the banana but this is an awesome contraption!!!
  • zardOz2: I loathe bananas! but your is pretty schnazzy
  • Ctjet: @TechZ: @zardOz: like the banana?
  • TechZ2124: Wow really awesome and very funny ! I like that !

LEVEL ID: 11261