Revolutionary drive(off-road)

electro - Custom level - from Android
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This level is a good example of what is overengineering. Also, it shows that there are infinite thing to do in principia.

It is now updated for off-road challenges!

Leave a like for its futuristic structure and incredible thinking.

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  • electro: @hhhh: I think those are suspensions you are talking about
  • PeanutFish: There's Bob the dummy (=゚Д゚=) OH MY GOSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • electro: @wokstation: well, i'm officially retired from principia for some period and focusing on study. But i will add reverse in future!
  • ender099: @electro: Top then randomly pressed some buttons
  • wokstation22: Now add reverse :p
  • electro: @poxy: @ender099: @fordfoax08: btw how you guys found this old level?
  • electro: @ender099: why "worst"?
  • electro: @fordfoax08: thankx friend
  • fordfoax08: what a genius guy
  • ender099: Probably the worst idea eva... I like It!! ^_^
  • poxy: wow, this was the idea i had.
  • electro: @2genius: thanks ;)
  • 2genius: Nice idea
  • electro: @THE LORD OF DARK: done.
  • bondodonkey: Youve actually reinvented the freakin wheel... holey moley, heavens to betsy
  • electro: @benz15: try to build those things you found in everyday life. It's funny. Try to build anything imaginary, real, ordinary or extraordinary.
  • benz15: @sjoerd1999: i dont want to build because that is so bored for me
  • sjoerd19992: @benz15: lol
  • benz15: @electro: @sjoerd1999: no that is not uhh
  • benz15: @sjoerd1999: @electro: i will crate new level the theme is "IM BACK"
  • benz15: @electro: @sjoerd1999: yeah sorry i still playing pixel gun 3d
  • electro: @benz15: welcome friend!
  • sjoerd19992: @benz15: WELCOME BACK!!!!!!!!!!
  • benz15: @electro: @incrazyboyy: @TechZ: @Golden: @sjoerd1999: @shantanuaryan67: @zardOz: IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • electro: @Golden: no. I need more time for that but I am now stopping Principia until April because of study and hardest and most important exams.
  • incrazyboyy: well done. Congraz!
  • TechZ2124: Congratulations ! You deserve it dude ;)
  • Golden: Can this thing move backwards?
  • sjoerd19992: @electro: yay!!
  • electro: @Alfajim: @zardOz: @shantanuaryan67: @sjoerd1999: thanks for your heartly support. This trophy have many meanings for me. Now, i am promissing to give you more from me.
  • sjoerd19992: Your first trophy!! Congratz!! :D
  • shantanuaryan67: congrats
  • zardOz2: congratz on your shiny gold crown! fun wheels
  • Alfajim: Really nice!! :)
  • electro: @sdac: do I need good screenshot?
  • electro: @Behemoth1702: thanks friend!
  • Behemoth1702: Lol hahaha funny stuft man:)
  • electro: @woodnut: done ;)
  • electro: @woodnut: yes going to add it!
  • woodnut2: Nice over engineering . Any chance speed control can be added ? :-)
  • electro: @shantanuaryan67: it is best and my favourite
  • shantanuaryan67: @electro: yep
  • electro: @shantanuaryan67: hai did you tried my ' build the church' level?
  • electro: @shantanuaryan67: sahi hai na!
  • electro: @shantanuaryan67: yes
  • shantanuaryan67: Even better
  • electro: @TechZ: ya it is smooth!
  • TechZ2124: The idea is really nice and the vehicle moves smoothly. Beautiful
  • electro: @Nighthawk: feeling prideful because you liked it...
  • Nighthawk: this is really cool! you have thought outside the box ;)
  • electro: @puhC69: thanks for liking :)
  • puhC69: @electro: Awesome, very original (:
  • electro: @yo man: ;)
  • yo man: Very cool!
  • The Ohio One: @electro: ^_^
  • electro: @JOELwindows7: @The Ohio One: ^_^
  • JOELwindows7: Amazingly done
  • The Ohio One: @electro: completely amazing
  • electro: @leo3065: hi I am dummy. This really need good suspensions. But when I went to market, everybody was been looking at me and I felt it prideful when a passerby said that I am a time traveler who come from future.
  • leo3065: Nice. Now let's guess how does the dummy think about this :)
  • electro: @BobMonkeypimp: feeling happy that you liked it ^_^
  • BobMonkeypimp: Brilliant. Love it.
  • electro: @shantanuaryan67: @The Ohio One: now it is on both wheels!
  • electro: @The Ohio One: ok, going to do it.
  • The Ohio One: Imagine having this on both wheel
  • shantanuaryan67: @electro: ok
  • electro: @shantanuaryan67: front ko aur alag banana hai, I will update it soon.
  • shantanuaryan67: Front wheel ko bhi aisa kae de
  • electro: @shantanuaryan67: thanks please like it, derivatives will be allowed after contest enjoy :)
  • shantanuaryan67: Awesome Allow derivatives please:-D

LEVEL ID: 11505