Bomb Sorter 1.0

Demon666 - Custom level - from Windows
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Drag the bombs to the correct pad before they explode.
greenbombs --> greenpad
bluebombs --> bluepad
goldbombs(extra life) --> goldpad
multicolorbombs(autosort) --> goldpad

failure to match the correct bomb with the correct pad will result in the bomb exploding and ending the game(unless you have an extra life).
destroying the gold pad and you will loses all your corrent lives and the game.

update 1.0
- fixed some bugs
- stoped the bombs from going over the buttons
- better walking animation for the bombs
- count for autosorts powerup
- animated burning fuse for active bombs

future improvements:
- decreased the lag (unlikely lol)
- custom play/pause/autosort buttons(if i feel like making them)

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Top 10 Players

1. ssccsscc
2. puhC69
3. principiafreak300
4. Schnabelborg
5. Demon666
6. vit_rom
7. Golden
8. TheEnderPT3
9. dislexicboy
10. Reedvatoo

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  • PeanutFish: This game feel like a mini game from New Super Mario Bros on Nintendo DS
  • woodnut2: @crazytobuildmc: maybe, likely,,,,, I don't know, lol
  • Demon666: @crazytobuildmc: um.... ok..... lol
  • crazytobuildmc: @woodnut: @Demon666: you are both as bad as each other! Lol!
  • Demon666: @RobertsonXD: lol yeah my it's just one of those simple but addictive games lol. @ssccsscc: nice! @crazytobuildmc: yeah I know I've made no attempt to hide that.... mines is alittle more advanced then the origonal tho lol.
  • crazytobuildmc: I got 170 points and then a group of bombs blew up. Also, this is a Super Mario 64 DS ripoff.
  • ssccsscc: New record...�
  • RobertsonXD: Serious time was spent playing this...
  • Demon666: @Golden: "@ssccsscc dat score tho lmfao"
  • Golden: @Demon666: wow, ssccsscc has 608
  • Demon666: @thatsmrvtoyou: thanks
  • thatsmrvtoyou: Congratulations on the win ol' sport
  • woodnut2: @Demon666: and the work pays off. :)
  • Demon666: @woodnut: thanks.... its about time I put effort into a contest lol
  • woodnut2: Cheers, winner !
  • Demon666: @sjoerd1999: thanks lol.....
  • sjoerd19992: Congratz!!! :D
  • rich11292000: Idk nvr mnd
  • rich11292000: @JOELwindows7: @Demon666: to limit cam movement, use cam targeter with linear follow and offset to center the screen
  • woodnut2: @Demon666: Yes, I've done that in some of my levels :)
  • Demon666: @woodnut: usually when I decide make a challenging level it's ended up being impossibly difficult lol
  • woodnut2: Prefer the "more challenge earlier" ones, your right :)
  • Demon666: @woodnut: thanks. don't like simple games? lol
  • woodnut2: Beautiful work, I get bored easy tho, lol :)
  • kuba: @Demon666: Maybe you add new version with dummys :-)
    *61 score noooo.
  • Demon666: @ssccsscc: dat score tho lmfao
  • Golden: @Demon666: that's why I quit
  • Demon666: @Golden: no one can sort those walking bombs forever lol
  • Golden: @Demon666: but I can't die, I'm VIP and up
  • Golden: @Demon666: lmao
  • JOELwindows7: @Demon666: lol you reminded haha good awesome
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: forgot there was another way to do that lmao.....
  • JOELwindows7: @Demon666: thought this is bug of Principia. Disabled cam movement meant the cam absolutely unable to move, not to lock the position!
  • JOELwindows7: @Demon666: good! Awesome
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: it's not that difficult you just gotta be fast... I do have cam movement disabled.... and ok ill move the pause button next to the autosort button
  • JOELwindows7: It's hard! Please disable auto cam movement. Plus the pause button is too near with "Description" button!
  • Demon666: @zardOz: I am thinking of dividing the bomb emit speed by the fps settings tho.... that way the slower your device runs the faster bombs are emitted.
  • Demon666: @zardOz: I'm not even sure that dropping the quality of the sprites would help that much lol. I am glad that this is playable on a smaller phone tho... I remember when it used to be a problem to load just one high quality Sprite at once lol.
  • Demon666: @zardOz: the pause button is to small to cause lag. I tried removing parts of my code to see what lags the most and no individual part generates a lot of lag on its own so it makes ot difficult to justify deleting anything the increase the speed lol.
  • zardOz2: Looking great! tho lag makes it really easy... lets see, I would try making the bombs that have been sorted stop moving. lose the pause button, its lovely but unnessisary:( lots of hi res stuff is problematic...
  • Demon666: @puhC69: sometimes you just get really lucky lol.
  • Demon666: @puhC69: I guess a 0.75 in 100 chance is to high lol... the most I ever got was 3 tho... hmmm maybe ill also decrease the fuse time for powerups so the explode faster.
  • puhC69: @Demon666: I would reccomend putting out less autosort bombs I had like 4 autosort bombs and life's it was a little to easy, if I had to sort all the bombs with my fingers i would not be able to get anywhere near the score I had
  • Demon666: goes*
  • Demon666: @PeterZ: yeah it does to the gold pad its a powerup....
  • PeterZ: I had one bomb with both blue and green colours, i lost by draging it into blue zone
  • Demon666: @Golden: lol.... a worker that will most likely die before the end of his shift.
  • Golden: This makes me feel like factory worker that have to sort it out
  • Demon666: @that guy: yeah the bomb-omb mini game for super Mario... im actually surprised so many people know lmao...
  • that guy2: I remember playing this on the DS lol
  • Demon666: @pajlada: I'm just wondering if you guys have found a fix for the game:get_curser() problem with wacom touchscreens.... this level reminded me of the difficulty of making a touchscreen game without a touchscreen lmao.
  • Demon666: @Ctjet: thanks lol... .
  • Ctjet: Luv it
  • Demon666: @principia_rus: thanks
  • principia_rus: @Demon666: very cool minigame!
  • Demon666: @puhC69: and thanks. you will be able to get even higher scored once I add the powerups tho lol.
  • Demon666: @puhC69: my best score is 176 but I got that before I fixed the score submission system xD.
  • puhC69: @Demon666: Took me a while but I finally beat your score, probably my favorite level on Principia!
  • Demon666: @dislexicboy: thanks
  • dislexicboy: Real cool
  • sjoerd19992: @Demon666: nice!!
  • Demon666: @Alejandro: @sjoerd1999: thanks guys. and ima make it a little different then the DS version.... this version is going to have some powerups and life savers in the next updates.
  • Demon666: @pajlada: it worked thanks lol
  • pajlada: @Demon666: The game always ends on a "Game Over" state. Highscores don't save on Game Over by default. Enable the "Store high score on game over"-flag to force that option.
    I would also suggest enabling the "Disable cam movement" option :)
    Nice level
  • Alejandro: This is the best minigame I played in Principia! You're going to win!
  • sjoerd19992: Looks awesome!! I used to play this in mario on ds
  • JOELwindows7: @Demon666: np
  • Demon666: @TechZ: thanks
  • TechZ2124: Very cool mini-game !
  • Demon666: @JOELwindows7: thanks
  • Demon666: @shantanuaryan67: so did I before i when I used to carry it lol.
  • shantanuaryan67: Awesome. I play this game on my ds
  • JOELwindows7: Duper Awesome!!!
  • zardOz2: @Demon666: the system might need a reset
  • Demon666: @zardOz: @pajlada: how do you enable scores again? lol. I enabled them in the level but they don't show up when posting them.

LEVEL ID: 11774