Mini game: balance

principia_rus - Adventure level - from Android
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Stay on wheel, and publish you score.
Level inclused to contest
Продержитесь на вращаюеемся колесе как можно дольше, опубликуйте ваш счет
Уровень добавлен в конкурс

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Top 10 Players

1. builder123
2. Galvatron66
3. valkabos123
4. marco007xbox
5. dddduboty
6. Golden
7. Picikak03
8. ssccsscc
9. the-gamer
10. lliill

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  • builder123: @Golden: :DDD
  • Golden: @Galvatron66: yup, this level is now a time machine for you to travel by 1 day or more by attempting to beat his score...
  • Galvatron66: @builder123: congrats on wasting ur life
  • builder123: @Galvatron66: I beated U HAHAHHA 180k+
  • principia_rus: @Galvatron66: cool!
  • Galvatron66: 70000+
  • principia_rus: @Gordon 3man: так точно!
  • Gordon 3man: Русский!
  • Galvatron66: @principia_rus: cuz they can just balance on the wheel and wait for the score to increase
  • principia_rus: @Galvatron66: yes
  • Galvatron66: @principia_rus: I think players need to be extremely patient to play this.
  • principia_rus: @Galvatron66: @incrazyboyy: @miral: now fixed!
  • principia_rus: @Galvatron66: sorry
  • Galvatron66: Fastest to fall wins?
  • IliaRUSSIA: 6898782 lol
  • that guy2: The level properties has an option for "enable high score saving" or something.
  • Galvatron66: 19283 lol
  • ali: 2231
    !!!?!?!?!?!?!? Yeah
  • incrazyboyy: 1445!!!!!!!!!!! Enable scoreboard
  • miral: Good stuff! I ot about 1120. Quite difficult.

LEVEL ID: 11795