GLaDOS Test | Portal 1 version

Aceheliflyer - Adventure level - from Android
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News: I just wanted to get this out that im going to be working on this. And later I will put up a different level with a working boss battle

Information: once this reaches 1.0 updates are finished unless more needs done.

Help: none

0.1: •release info
0.2: • added bullet points for easy extras
• changed alfa to alpha
• added hallway
0.3: • added GLaDOS' s chamber
• added a part of GLaDOS
0.4: •disabled fall damage according to the long fall boots
• disabled robot boxing to make sence
0.5: •Added GLaDOS (Special thanks to that guy!)
0.6: •brought GLaDOS in to proper position
0.7: comming soon
Next: • wire GLaDOS up.

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  • Aceheliflyer: @Gordon 3man: shes so post to do that. Look it her in portal 1.
  • Gordon 3man: @Aceheliflyer: Вut she is like ragdoll!
  • Aceheliflyer: @Gordon 3man: turn what off? There is nothing to turn off.
  • Gordon 3man: @Aceheliflyer: how to turn it on if it just off?
  • Aceheliflyer: @Gordon 3man: no she isent...
  • Aceheliflyer: @Gordon 3man: no she isent1...
  • Gordon 3man: Glados is dead noooooooo
  • Aceheliflyer: @that guy: yeah... right... on it.
  • that guy2: ShadaWOOT! Btw, in the game the head is angled just a *little* bit higher, mostly so she doesn't look... uh... dead...
  • Aceheliflyer: @that guy: here :D
  • Aceheliflyer: @that guy: herw.
  • Aceheliflyer: @that guy: no you spelled it right.
  • that guy2: @Aceheliflyer: I posted it... did I spell your name wrong? Could you just give like, a little notification or something? Let me know I don't have to keep waiting?
  • Aceheliflyer: @that guy: yep.
  • that guy2: @Aceheliflyer: give me a little bit here... portal 1 head?
  • Aceheliflyer: @that guy: ok?
  • that guy2: I happen to know exactly what you're talking about.
  • Aceheliflyer: @zardOz: no it doesent need detachable
  • zardOz2: yeah, its graphics on top of a cylinder... do you need it to be a detachable eye?
  • Aceheliflyer: @zardOz: lua?
  • zardOz2: working on a head for you, its drawn around a size2 cylinder about half as tall as the robot...
  • Aceheliflyer: @incrazyboyy: not portal 2. Im talking about portal 1.
  • incrazyboyy: @Aceheliflyer: I havent played portal 2...
  • Aceheliflyer: Thing
  • Aceheliflyer: @incrazyboyy: Im talking about the huge think hanging from the ceiling.
  • Aceheliflyer: @incrazyboyy: no. Im talking about the AI
  • incrazyboyy: @Aceheliflyer: so she's the player of portal 2?
  • Aceheliflyer: @incrazyboyy: i cant bet close to being as good as her in the game
  • Aceheliflyer: @incrazyboyy: yeah.
  • incrazyboyy: @Aceheliflyer: her? Lol I will search
  • Aceheliflyer: @incrazyboyy: just search up GLaDOS
    or portal 1 GLaDOS boss battle. I ned the bottom part of her.
  • incrazyboyy: @Aceheliflyer: what do you want? A mech?
  • Aceheliflyer: @incrazyboyy: GLaDOS' s head. Its to hard for me to do. And you you could create the body too.
  • incrazyboyy: a head? what do you mean
  • Aceheliflyer: @Johnsinna: infact there is more
  • Aceheliflyer: @Johnsinna: thanks
    More to come.
  • Johnsinna: nice

LEVEL ID: 11816