LEGOS R FUN - Custom level - from Android
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This is my RPG (Role Playing Game) boi for the minigame contest!

Game description: Go on an amazing adventure full of pixilated trolls and invisible swords! Hold the left button to advance through the dungeon and rack up an astounding score! But evil trolls, robbers, and other angry-faced enemies (whatever you want to call them really) want you gone, use the right button to counter attack and move on towards your final destination in this rush-developed RPG!

Views: 1384 Downloads: 400 Unique objects: 1 Total objects: 90

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  • LEGOS R FUN: Yea I didn't really take time for the name. However a few choices can be made in the game. You can choose to attack or lose the game, or try and tap the button on the left quickly to dodge enemies or hold it down for quick points.
  • Colossus: @LEGOS R FUN: You do understand this is not an RPG, its more of a simple, extremely generic (yet somehow fun) dungeon battle game. Battle-boi sounds good too!
  • LEGOS R FUN: Try the left button, sorry I can't tell you more...
  • LEGOS R FUN: It won't let me type in a decent comment. It keeps deleting my text...
  • Technomancer: Yeah
  • Ctjet: How do you start?

LEVEL ID: 11851