HillClimb Racing, diesel truck:))

leoboone - Custom level - from Android
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Your fuel gage is the slider on the left, dont ramp too high over the diesel refills or you'll miss them an run out.

Green sensors = diesel refills
Red sensors = 100 points
Backflips/frontflips = 250 points
Massive Airtime = adds points for the length of the airtime


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Top 10 Players

1. Birtzer
2. leoboone
3. Vlad200213
4. bondodonkey
6. principiafreak300
7. nekus
8. Charlest360
9. 40koeaf
10. pacman377

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  • Tesla 09: @Charlest360: Well now you are in 8th
  • Tesla 09: Of the top ten players I'm like eleven.
  • Tesla 09: I've played this level before and it is just a great level .
  • TheBossMan: I also can't believe that Birtzer is the first one on the list
  • TheBossMan: Yay I'm the 112th
  • Charlest360: LOL IM 5TH!
  • puppettear: The game that hate me but still played it

  • Aceheliflyer: Im in 61th place now...
  • Aceheliflyer: ("*__*")
  • Aceheliflyer: Yay... im in 59th place... :-|
  • ansh: Make the big finger next :P
  • bondodonkey: Do i get a cookie now?
  • op596978: Hello
  • Gordon 3man: Yeah 7th!!!
  • leoboone: @mznznlt: nevermind, i figured it out an im gettin an average of 17 on my galaxy s4..
  • leoboone: @mznznlt: how can u figure out what fps it is?
  • mznznlt: that 3 fps on my tablet tho....
  • thatsmrvtoyou: @leoboone: Congratulations on being featured!!
  • thatsmrvtoyou: @leoboone: lol
  • leoboone: @THE LORD OF DARK: oh gosh, took me at least 30 trys but im first again! Lol couldn stand being beat at my own game:)
  • thatsmrvtoyou: @leoboone: I think it's perfect as is.
  • leoboone: @40koeaf: thanks:) if anyone has any ideas on improving this level, im open for comments an ideas:) @Westin27: @THE LORD OF DARK: @thatsmrvtoyou: @woodnut:
  • 40koeaf: NICE !!
  • Westin27: @leoboone: ok
  • leoboone: @Westin27: do more flips an airtime:)
  • Westin27: I finished it I just didn't get as many points as you @THE LORD OF DARK.
  • leoboone: @thatsmrvtoyou: thanks:) glad u liked it, @THE LORD OF DARK: congrats on beatin me:)
  • thatsmrvtoyou: Sweet game! Excellent is an understatement. Good luck in the contest.
  • leoboone: @woodnut: im startin to think i made the track too hard? Lol i think im the only one that made it to the end an got th score bonus
  • woodnut2: Boy do I suck, lol

LEVEL ID: 11854