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Technomancer - Custom level - from Android
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My entry for the contest :D
Game description:
You are a brave warrior who enter
A dangerous dungeon
Fight Hard and fight with your mighty sword
Cast spell on your enemies.
Z=spell bar
G=cast spell on your enemies(only if Z is full)
Have fun!
Credit for LEGOS R FUN
for the idea :D

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1. DarienSeinor
2. Galvatron66
3. cd50000
4. JOELwindows7
5. indradwiyantoro
6. Aptem
7. loveaabb
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9. puhC69
10. wikdaw

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  • Technomancer: @LEGOS R FUN: o yeah i forgot :P sorry for that
  • LEGOS R FUN: Where'd you get this idea, I think I've seen this before... (At least credit people when you remake someone's creation!!!!)
  • cd50000: Very easy
  • Technomancer: @Galvatron66: yeah......XD
  • Galvatron66: This just a button spamming game

LEVEL ID: 11858