Text Engine 2.0

Demon666 - Custom level - from Windows
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text features:
- ~1000 proformance increase
- higher quality characters
- 0-9. a-z, A-Z, 27 special chars
- scaleable
- rotatable
- colorable
- "/n" for being new line

future improvements
- optional sentence width variable(will auto indent a new line if
the sentence exceds the width)
- infinate characters(when you add more luas)
- dynamic text scaling
- make it easier to use
- add characters(~,`,|,\")
- more special characters
- bold/italic/underline commands
- emojies

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  • Chad64: @Demon666: lol hi
  • Demon666: @Chad64: still alive....
  • Chad64: nvm i got it. Thanks for this!! :D
  • Chad64: Are you still alive? I need help using this. :3
  • principiafreak300: @Demon666: Thank you for answering! It will work as a non-monospace sans-serif font, but in the beginning this won't be so useful, still thanks!
  • JupiterSky: @Demon666: hmm, I like the size and stuff, it is very adaptable and doesn't use lines.
  • JupiterSky: @Demon666: O.O he lives!
  • Demon666: @JupiterSky: @principiafreak300: the characters are all 19 pixels tall but the widths can vary greatly depending on the character itself. when i build this thing my intention was to make the smallest/bestlooking characters possible.
  • JupiterSky: @principiafreak300: lol I don't mind!
  • principiafreak300: @JupiterSky: And the problem ist we need 8x8 fonts because of the small display and this looks like it is 16x16. BUT - later when we have a bigger screens with a central controller and a graphical enviroment, thiz will really help. Sorry for typing mistakes. XD
  • principiafreak300: @JupiterSky: Shit. Didn't discover it and made my own one.
  • JupiterSky: @principiafreak300: DUDE! Check this out, no lag, no lines!
  • Demon666: @Galvatron66: oh that lmfao I was fooling around lol
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Galvatron66: 2+2 = 7
  • Golden: @Galvatron66: *picks up invisible rifle* 😂
  • Galvatron66: @Demon666: 2+2 is 4, not 5
  • Demon666: @Galvatron66: where?
  • Galvatron66: I found an error
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Demon666: I've got a Lenovo Flex 10. It's not a beast by any means but it's quick enough. Especially since I installed an SSD (boots in under 15 seconds).
  • Aceheliflyer: 23 fps
  • Demon666: @BobMonkeypimp: yeah i tried bluestacks myself just to see how much it changed and it didnt work for me ether lol. maybe you can download an older version of it off of oldapps.com. this bluestacks it 2.0 but it used to run properly before that. jw whats your laptops model name?
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Demon666: I tried Bluestacks & Droid4x & Principia crashed on both. There's a couple of emulators left to try. I'm surprised as my laptop isn't badly specced & has a touchscreen.
  • Demon666: @BobMonkeypimp: bluestacks works just like a android tablet but on your pc. so make sure what when you sign up for it you use the same google account that you did on your actual android phone/tablet... that way you wont have to buy all your apps again lol
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Demon666: Definitely agree about the lua editor being better on PC. I reckon the Android version would be better for building though with fullscreen. I'm going to set up bluestacks now and try it. Thanks for the fun idea!
  • Demon666: @BobMonkeypimp: the emulator i use is called bluestacks....
  • Demon666: @BobMonkeypimp: depends on your pcs specs.... my pc is about average(3 years ago) and it runs decently.... havnt used the emulator in a long time tho.... the desktop principia has a much better lua editor lol.
  • BobMonkeypimp: @Demon666: How well does Principia run on the Android emulator?
  • Demon666: @Coolblocks749: may not be the most user friendly thing in the world it does have many useful features.... i can even emulate android on it.
  • Demon666: @Coolblocks749: my windows tablet is samsung http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-VxTfwl6hRis/UW0lsiYD-BI/AAAAAAAAAG4/tUsDcztou_c/s1600/Samsung+ATIV+Smart+PC+Pro.png
  • Demon666: @Golden: its low budget xD
  • Golden: I can make that teacher proud when I write 9+10=21
  • Golden: @Demon666: da feck, an invisible rifle?
  • Coolblocks749: @Demon666: Windows tablets have NOTHING to do with android. Their OS is different. Windows is known for making terrible devices that suck compared to samsung and apple. Note 2 on the other hand, yeah i get why it might lag.
  • Demon666: @x32g: thanks lol
  • x32g: i love it
  • Demon666: @Coolblocks749: samsung windows 10 tablet and galaxy note 2 phone xD
  • Demon666: @Golden: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHAuGA7gqFU
  • Golden: 2+2=5, Illuminati confirmed...
  • Coolblocks749: @Demon666: What are you using? Works perfecly on any samsung tablet.
  • zardOz2: @Demon666: well it is making like 200 shades of black lol
  • Demon666: @zardOz: SHIT! I didn't realize how badly it lagged on Android. I got like 4 fps lmao. I know how to fix it tho lol
  • zardOz2: er low lag
  • zardOz2: sorry to report, monster lag...2-5... what I ended up doing was doing the text to table sub(i,i) in the init so it isnt running constantly, then I got in lag
  • 40koeaf: nice :o
  • Demon666: @Johnsinna: thanks
  • Johnsinna: nice

LEVEL ID: 11920