Insane dirt bike trials

puhC69 - Custom level - from Android
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The goal is to make your way through the levels the best part you decide when you died

There are 14 levels and if you pass all 14 you will have a final score of 15 if anyone can make it to 15 I will add more levels

D moves forward
A moves backward
W tilts counter clockwise
S tilts clockwise
F respawn
G submit score

To get the fastest speed or climb obsticles hold S, if you get stuck please post your score

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Top 10 Players

1. Alfajim
2. MrApples
3. musicious
4. Apxumekmop
5. Hobbit
6. joosuntaik
7. Galvatron66
8. Grave_Jumper
9. Aparatus
10. woodnut2

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  • Aceheliflyer: @puhC69: thanks
  • puhC69: @Aceheliflyer: I have a can targeter inside of the dirtbike, but if there is more than one dirt bike it controls both and glitches the camera between them
  • Aceheliflyer: @puhC69: how do you do the cam targeting?
  • puhC69: I was almost done updating this to 18 levels and I accidentally deleted the save so I will work on updating this still but it will probably be at least a week
  • Alfajim: Finally managed to complete it! So fun and challenging. :)
  • puhC69: @Alfajim: thanks!
  • Alfajim: Love this, its awesome! :)
  • musicious: the problem with 18 is that i'd have to beat the first 15 again :(
  • RobertsonXD: Can't get past 6 lol great levels
  • Apxumekmop: @puhC69: no worries , i think you can still wait till at least 3 people finish your levels, they are really hard, it will be cool to have 18 lvls but it will not matter if no one can reach them :D
  • puhC69: @Apxumekmop: Thank you for the feedback! I will try to get around 18 levels in but I have been pretty busy and it might take me while
  • Apxumekmop: @puhC69: Cool! super level so far! like it very much! good job!
  • Hobbit: @puhC69: it was difficult, thats for sure.
  • puhC69: @woodnut: thanks
  • puhC69: @Apxumekmop: I had to make the dirt bike 2wd or it was to weak and if I changed the torque any higher it does wheelies because the wheel starts off to fast and I will work on adding new levels because you beat the level
  • Apxumekmop: fhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, finished, damn thats some random and crazy lvl, those "tits" in lvl 12 is really crazy, also this first jump in last lvl... so advice - please make "forward" as "D" and "backward as "A" so handling would be more intuitive. Also as motorcyclist, your bike handles as i dont know what, and also, 2wd dirt bike? :) yeah i know there are some kits to make AWD bike but comon :) other then that - awsome:)
  • woodnut2: Fun, good build :)
  • puhC69: @Grave_Jumper: That sucks @Hobbit: got to 11 sweet
  • Grave_Jumper: Argh.. Just made it to level 10 and hit the back button accidentally.. What about an auto submit? Have to try again later.. Nice level! :)
  • Galvatron66: (player that cant reach lvl 11 will understand) that hole in the bike...
  • Hobbit: I just can't make it pass level ten...
  • puhC69: @musicious: Yea sorry I got pretty good at it but I also created the level and tried to make similar controls to other dirt bike games in the appstore
  • musicious: hard to control :(
  • puhC69: @BobMonkeypimp: Thanks, and I didnt even realize the can marker had an input
  • BobMonkeypimp: @puhC69: Since the update to 1.5 it runs the level for a second for the screenshot. I think this was to show LUA graphics in screenshots. It's really annoying at times. I sometimes bypass it by connecting the cam marker to a timer (1 tick - 1.5 seconds) Fun level BTW.
  • puhC69: I put a can marker zoomed in way farther and it shows the screenshot much farther zoomed out this also happened on my level factory thief, why does this happen?

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