Pac-Man Animation w/sound(update)

zardOz2 - Custom level - from Android
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(Update2: added a black rubber beam to bounce the detached pixels off, after new update, they no longer collide with platforms and walls or each other. Trying something to reset my screenshot...
Update1: added a broadcast "detach pixels" test after 6 seconds)NOTE: the detach is no longer working

Just getting my Pacmania fix, sequencers on the left...

Open in sandbox to give sex change.@

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  • zardOz2: @Demon666: lua will control the flying enemies and should be able to do the rest with the basics
  • Demon666: also I'm sure you could use that guided hovercraft you made yesterday as the base for a pac-man game. seems perfect for it lol
  • Demon666: you plan to make it just with lua? or a lua/circuit hybrid?
  • zardOz2: @Demon666: Maybe, Im exhausted just thinking about it. I still want to make Moon Patrol, should be able to make a very accurate recreation I think
  • Demon666: I'm pretty sure that your good enough to make a full pac-man game now lol
  • Blood: Cool
  • Golden: Or cam marker
  • Golden: @pajlada: really how about cam target :-/
  • zardOz2: @abrackers: see the "pixelize my ride" board, this one is goofy with an emitter and impact sensor.
  • abrackers2: Nice. How do u get the pixels to detach on command?
  • zardOz2: @sardorjon: on the save/open menu goto level properties, lots of things you can change
  • skyforce: I have a idea for u. Make a second pacman in ur map and use cam maker for ur screen shoot ;)
  • sardorjon: Can some one tell me how to make my level bigger cuz its soo small and i cant build anything big
  • pajlada: @zardOz: Nope, sorry!
  • skyforce: U cant pixel not turned of with screenshot. But really epic stage :).
  • zardOz2: So is there any way to start the pixels at 1(blank) for the screenshot?

LEVEL ID: 1199