Transformer (blackout/grindor)

Galvatron66 - Custom level - from Android
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Robot to helicopter

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  • Galvatron66: @ElementalGenius98: @TheEnderPT: @Ridget: @that guy: @Johnsinna: i offed for a really long time and i gave up on this. Derivatives allowed
  • ElementalGenius98: @Galvatron66:

    Dude I want to see the finished project :D
  • TheEnderPT3: @Ridget: look at my mini Lech, its walking motion is easy and Working well

    @Galvatron66: nice build, is there no Software actually?
  • Ridget: Someone share me mecha's walking mechanism hehe im stuck on it -_-
  • that guy2: Finally, something decent!
  • Johnsinna: ok

LEVEL ID: 12349