wokstation22 - Custom level - from Android
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Wokstations in disguise!

Keys on the left: move
Keys on the right: transform and respray.

That is a suction cup on the end of it's arm, btw, so it can pick things up. Inspired in part by Zoids. Let's see who remembers them...

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  • slava: Лол, прикольно
  • Esdras: I'm trying to dowload the game but i'm receiving a "file not found" message, there is another link for download please?
  • yong: This is cool..
  • tweak: I think this one should have won. The winner was good but it didn't actually fully work.
  • JOELwindows7: Allow Derivatives
  • incrazyboyy: I like it!
  • wokstation22: @sjoerd1999: @BobMonkeypimp: thanks! And thanks admins!
  • BobMonkeypimp: Well done dude!
  • sjoerd19992: Congratz!!
  • Hadonite: ok workstation
  • JOELwindows7: Duper Awesome!!!
    Later Allow Derivatives when contest finished. Please!
  • Jason: cool
  • wokstation22: @Hadonite: my kids say it's a puppy
  • Hadonite: ok what does it make ? Its cool as well
  • Gordon 3man: Awesome
  • shantanuaryan67: Awesome
  • BobMonkeypimp: Awesome!

LEVEL ID: 12395