Surprise, motherf*cker!

Danish18aiman - Custom level - from Android
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  • ElementalGenius98: just type illuminati (spelled revert and you land on the homepage of the nsa lol) idk if this "fake domain" still exist but you should give it a try :D
  • JOELwindows7: This is the most plagiazing place. Where the real doom f*** all people around here. Thx so much for surprise lol.
  • principia_rus: Lol
  • Aceheliflyer: @Danish18aiman: ...
  • Charlest360: @Danish18aiman: 1v1 me club pengin rght nau u cheeky skrub
  • Technomancer: @Danish18aiman: OH SH1T!ILLUMINATTI WERE DOOMED!
  • Danish18aiman: @Demon666: illuminati
    @anarhyst: @Charlest360: get rekt
    @Aceheliflyer: lol
  • Aceheliflyer: Some one could of had a seizure!
  • Charlest360: GR8 M8 I R8 8/8!
  • anarhyst: 240 blase it
  • Johnsinna: @Demon666: no dont
  • Demon666: da fuck is this thing? lmao
  • Johnsinna: @Danish18aiman: no madafaqas
  • Danish18aiman: @Johnsinna: heyyy, you don't tell me what to do!
  • Johnsinna: @Danish18aiman: die
  • Danish18aiman: @Johnsinna: Sounds like you just retired from hell.
  • Johnsinna: @Danish18aiman: why do you wanna go to hel*
    because thats where that takes you
  • Danish18aiman: @Johnsinna: I DDOOOONNNTTT CAREEEE!
  • Johnsinna: @Danish18aiman: for posting this
  • Johnsinna: hey u sux
  • Danish18aiman: @Johnsinna: sup'
  • Johnsinna: hi

LEVEL ID: 12577