Excavator 2

Doughnuts1083 - Custom level - from Android
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  • Aceheliflyer: I also get around 7 FPS btw...
  • Aceheliflyer: Better than you average toy...
  • FirePhenixFire: Track needs tightened otherwise nice controls :D
  • bestbattle: Awesome job! Played with it for like 20minutes trying to jump over the gap :)
  • minck: Nice work!
  • JOELwindows7: Inspired by the most bossy professional (oops, I got a problem again :( )
    Duper Awesome!!! Thx Duper much
  • nikitosikasjik: клас
  • Doughnuts1083: @robojoe: Of course
  • robojoe: Doughnuts is it ok if I use your excavator in a level? I will give you credit for the excavator.
  • Hoborg: Very easy controlling. Realy cool!
  • Egorik: Low FPS
  • BRONCO-94: Wow nice detail, reminds me of Tetsu's excavator. I wonder if he'll come back, haven't seen him make anything new lately.
  • thatsmrvtoyou: Excellent excavator!
  • Scream_of_Shadow: Perfect =D
  • cippo369: Really cool bro!!!XD

LEVEL ID: 12598