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And here it is now, in front of our eyes :)

Half-Life is one of most if not the most popular game made by Valve!

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  • loveaabb: HALF-LIFE3
  • Charlest360: yes ofc but it is the most popular non free-to-play game as well as CS:GO
  • FirePhenixFire: Dota ,team fortres
  • Charlest360: ofc*
  • Charlest360: @FirePhenixFire: of
  • FirePhenixFire: I wouldn't say best valve game but its is one of the top valve games
  • Charlest360: as well as a great sidekick a shit load of weapons and stuff to drive, epic momments i finished all 2nd series and the 1 of 3 first series ...cmon srsly Half-Life 3 is a most wanted game sequel these days
  • that guy2: Does it consist of mostly bambambambam and diediedie? Then I don't care.
  • Charlest360: @that guy: well u r missing alot and i mean A LOT!
  • that guy2: @Charlest360: lolnope
  • Charlest360: @that guy: ever played it?
  • that guy2: 3

LEVEL ID: 12721