A present...

minck - Custom level - from Android
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Specially for christmas a present

It is very simple open the present with Z and see what is in it.

I hope you like!

Please give feeback in the comments.

And a merry christmas !!

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  • minck: @austin_knauss: haha I am srry man.
  • austin_knauss: It wasn't a stripper :( :( :(
  • minck: @kuba2005: what do you mean?
  • kuba2005: I can do better things then that!!! ¦:- )
  • minck: @Smilex: oo i didnt know it was new i did it with a muladd you can edit it now
  • Smilex: @minck I meant how you get the thing to turn back into a box. How the legs contract into a box-shape after transforming. Thanks. (New at making stuff on Principia)
  • minck: @Smilex: what do you mean. How i made it or how the legs in the game go back (just wait)
  • Smilex: How do you get the legs back to their original positions?
  • ak10670: He fell over and his legs broke
  • FirePhenixFire: Nice
  • JOELwindows7: Argh it's a trap!
    Duper Awesome!!!
  • minck: @The_Blacksmith_: Specially for you haha
  • Johnsinna: @The_Blacksmith_: .................................................
  • The_Blacksmith_: I got an evil robot for christmas! It's what I've always wanted!
  • Johnsinna: @minck: ok
  • minck: @Johnsinna: better? Haha i am not very good in English
  • Johnsinna: Merry Christmas {Soon To Come}
    [3 Days to Christmas]

LEVEL ID: 12815