Ridget - Custom level - from Android
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Control :
On the left =
F for transform
H for shooting cannon
Middle button to walk (not available yet)
Slider to adjust stabilizer
On the right
Upper slider to move tank
G to reverse
Vertical slider to move tail in beast mode
Radial to move cannon

Transformer capable to transform into 3 form
Robot > beast > tank
To transform back to robot, if in tank form, transform first to beast( due to unstable state, the rocket not strong enough to pull the body from tank to robot, you can directly transform from tank to robot but thats it)and then press f and select beast again and before fully vertical, set the stabilizer

Ah i cant finish this -_- it still cant move, just the tank. And the stabilizer need to set manually
Im busy with exam, remedial, etc. xD
Sorry bad english ahaha

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  • Adnan RK: Awesome buddy!!
  • ElementalGenius98: Damn if you could make this work youre sure win! I dont checked out actually but i thinkt between all those *caugh* "pro buildings" is yours the best!

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