Giant Running Droid Legs DX SET!!!

op596978 - Custom level - from Android
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Try adding some terrain for it to climb on, see what it could handle. Beta! THE best free. (Very easy.)
Well, Well, robots doing the work of art and the new York.
Do really?

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  • op596978: @that guy: ok~
  • op596978: 1. Level test.
    2. I'm not going anywhere.
    3. Eric Clapton the same.
    4. Test!
  • that guy2: Weeeeeeell, not THIS robot.
  • that guy2: Nobody wants to see a robot in high heels.
  • Hobbit: I think the wood beams are to heavy for it, try plastic beams with the density scale all the way down.

LEVEL ID: 13071