UFO Abduction

Rubicon2 - Custom level - from Android
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Keep watching at the end, do dummies need space suits also? Lol

Update: minor adjustments, UFO spins at the end, allowed derivatives

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  • Rubicon2: @alberto20052005: it's only a cinematic level, there's no user input
  • alberto20052005: How to play
  • alberto20052005: 1318
  • Chad64: That man wanted to go to that ufo. I'm pretty sure there isn't anyone who reaches up into the ufo as they are abducted.
  • Rubicon2: @Manny: it's not possible for the dummy to vanish with the ufo since it can't be physically attached to it, I just thought it would be humorous to leave the dummy stranded in space and eventually break up into pieces :)
  • Manny: @Rubicon: is the UFO supposed to take the dummy?
  • Manny: @DanielMc: that is the world border.
  • Rubicon2: @DanielMc: ;)
  • DanielMc: End of space map (invisible wall)for sure i see the dummi broked stai on an invisible wall .
  • Winfrid9: Mega awesome
  • Cool Dude: ;)
  • Rubicon2: @RasmusOlle: unlocked :)
  • RasmusOlle: Unlock!
  • Rubicon2: @pajlada: after the update the ufo closed it's doors and started rising too soon. Object in control are proximity sensor (sense ground level and trigger gravity/time) downward thrusters working against a positive gravity y factor and all happening in slow motion. I played around with the thrusters/gravity but didn't work, I just ended up reducing the range on the proximity sensor so the ufo is closer to the ground when it's all taking place. So I'm still not sure if it's the gravity or the time control that threw it off.
  • pajlada: @Rubicon: What was it that you had to tune?
  • Rubicon2: @zardOz: nothing that I noticed yet
  • zardOz2: Not too much trouble I hope..., any trouble with anything other than time control?
  • Rubicon2: I had to tune it for the 1.3 update
  • Rubicon2: *wall
  • Rubicon2: @heyme: much like humans, dummies are subject to atmospheric pressure which does not exist in space causing the body to explode.... either that or her hit an invisible walk at extremely high speed ;)
  • heyme: why did the dummy explode?
  • bill3450: Ha ha that's funny .freaken Awsome
  • Rubicon2: @The_Blacksmith_: Gravity control + time control :)
  • yong: Gosh!!
  • The_Blacksmith_: How did you suck the dummy into the spaceship?
  • pajlada: regarding cam targeting of robot: http://principiagame.com/level/1323/
  • Rubicon2: Thanks everyone :)
  • Rubicon2: @zardOz: Thanks! I'm not sure if there is a way to cam follow a robot once you switch away, I'll look into it
  • z0a8i: Nice
  • Alfajim: @woodnut: ahh thanks. :)
  • woodnut2: Outta this world , are the best words I can think of : )
  • woodnut2: @Alfajim: FX emmiter set to highlight what it is nailed to . : )
  • Alfajim: Absolutely fabulous! Just beautiful. How do yo get the plastic beams to flash? I didn't know you could do that. :)
  • JOELwindows7: 20 of 10 star! BOOM BREAKING DUMB!
  • Tetsu: Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • TechZ2124: Amazing ! Nice work dude ;)
  • zardOz2: I need some cam targeter help Rubicon, I am trying to retarget my adventure bot affter cam targeting away from it... nothing I try seems to allow it to switch back to the robot, not even auto-absorbing the first targeter before the second triggers?? Is it bugged or am I missing something?
  • The_Blacksmith_: Awesome! Nice job. I would say dummies DO need space suits lol.
  • zardOz2: screen shot reminded me of the final scene on the grid in Tron!
  • zardOz2: Glorious, truly!

LEVEL ID: 1318