Armed Robot Advanced

Doughnuts1083 - Adventure level - from Android
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This level is not completed yet. If you get on the robot, press F for a long time, and press F for a short time to stand up.


F Squat by pressing for a short time
F Open/Close the cockpit by pressing for a long time

A Move forwards
D Move backwards
K Jump

Z Aim
G Initiate/Shoot Railgun by pressing for a short time
G Finish Railgun by pressing for a long time
H Large gun
J Small gun

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  • x32g: Something something weapon something something surpass metal gear
  • Iwan1999: эта ху*ня нех*я неходит
  • Aceheliflyer: Keep up the good work on mechs! Their so cool!
  • Aceheliflyer: Holy!!!....
  • Galvatron66: Dafuq all of your mechs are the same except for the plastic polygon/beam
  • that guy2: If this thing can seriously jump I'm going to have a freaking heart attack.
  • Ridget: Its demn good xD
  • Charlest360: Its just awesome! Also it looks like Metal Gear Rex from Metal Gear Solid :D
  • 111: Needs a little improving on walking great going on with life projects
  • yo man: @ElementalGenius98: he was probably talking about a new job or something
  • yo man: Amazing!
  • TechZ2124: Awesome as usual !
  • ElementalGenius98: This is what a call a good last one :o

    This is really good! :) I really kinda love its design and the ideas wich you had :) I think it would be very sad when you don't bring this to an end :/
    I really understand you when youre saying that your life is changing...
    Let me tell you...
    The last year was the most worst in my whole f..... life...
    In April everything seemed to be perfect! I've got my very first girlfriend... had good marks... everything was lets just say quiet...

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    We my mom and me lived together with my grandma until she died last summer...

    Let me just tell you my thought... I was on a point where is said "stop! Til here but no more further!" But... Shits going on and on...

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    So what do i did? Suicide? Oh how often I had thougt about letting go and hug the cold breathe of death...
    But wheres the problem? I'm still here! Why? I don't know...

    May I was afraid of dying... or I love the Pain... this sounds very plausible to me :o

    So what do I've did do get out of this fucking he'll circuit?
    In the early beggining of my old relationship with my ex ... lets just say done a bit shit :p
    I was a desperated man in a desperated world got hold by another girl so i kissed her :o (no biggy)

    I excused myself by her and started to meet her again...
    I could believe that she still loved me... after 7 months!

    So now im together with her :) she gives me power and motivation to keep pushing on ^^
    Also I gone to the doctor and now im in therapy so i could work up my whole life again :)
    Im more or less happy but Im glad I didn't done something wrong :)

    How said my friend I understand you...
    You've got my best wishes for you ;)
  • ali: Great but when i walk ipress to go to right but it only move one step then it stop! Plus when i start walk then stop i can make him sit down!
  • benz15: Awesome robo suit ;) and its so big !!!
  • sjoerd19992: Looks epic!!

LEVEL ID: 13256