Basic Parts Tutorial #25: Condenser, Boss HP Tracker (rebuild)

zardOz2 - Adventure level - from Android
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zardOz's Princpia Tutorials #25, (rebuild)

Need help? This example shows the basic function of the Condenser to use as a Boss Hit Point tracker or other drainable power source.

Shoot the Impact sensor to kill the nefarious Mr Boxman!

Tap/click the [I] info button for an exact account of how the Condenser and electronics are wired.

Open in Sandbox to Export and Explore. See the Wiki Object Description for the Condenser for a more detailed example.

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  • Chad64: Wow, so this was how simple it is to create a life bar. Now I feel like a noob since it was so simple.
  • Leis: @zardOz: @that guy: yup Lols , thanks :) I have successful make the power generator and stuff
  • zardOz2: Also I just noticed you asked like a month ago lol sorry
  • zardOz2: @Leis: you do know, you just forgot, use a mul to multiply the 0.01 down tto even smaller number, mul/add works too
  • that guy2: @Leis: wire damage to y splitter and first condenser to ceil and inverter and then inverter to if gate to other condenser. Use a half pack or something to display on grapher.
  • Leis: @zardOz: I need do you have any idea how to maximize condenser? I already set condenser to 20 and signal through with sub 0.99 , but I need bigger and bigger! Ahh..I didn't have any solution to solve it :(
  • zardOz2: @sticks_and_balls: yep put the boss HP condeser frequency on a CMP-le with a jumper at 0.25 on the other side, then out the CMP-le to a FX Emitter which has Highlight setting + smoke + whatever
  • sticks_and_balls: Is it possible to use the highlight function to make the boss glow at low HP? A lot of old video games used to do that and I think it'd be nifty. :)
  • zardOz2: The player dies/game over prompt will be fixed soon..

LEVEL ID: 1326